Poetry of the Senses: Mr. and Mrs. Olyai


Poetry of the Senses Mr. and Mrs. Olyai

Carmel Olyai and Sameer Olyai

Doctor and Businessman

Know thy Partner

Carmel and Sameer try and guess each other’s likes and dislikes

Favourite Food

Carmel: Kebabs (correct)

Sameer: Steak (correct)

Favourite Perfume

Carmel: Arabian Nights (correct)

Sameer: Jacomo (correct)

Mountains or Beaches

Carmel: Mountains (correct)

Sameer: Beaches (correct)

‘Private’ Practice

Who takes longer to get dressed?

Carmel: I take shower before sleeping, so there less time to get dressed.

Sameer: I just take a normal time a man will take but she is quick.

Who has more shoes?

Carmel: I have.

Sameer: She has many more shoes.

Who turns off the lights?

Sameer: I do, even if the switch is on her side, I have to switch it off.

Make-up tactic after a fight…

Carmel: I never fight. Wife is never wrong, she is always right. If you don’t say sorry you will live an unhappy life.

Sameer: Just say sorry and be happy.


How did you guys meet?

Carmel: We had a talk before we met, we became friends through sms.

Sameer: I went to Indore for a dental check-up and there we met.

What attracted you to each other?

Carmel: He was not a regular boy, he was 21 when I met him and he was mature for his age.

Sameer: Her don’t-give-a-shit attitude and her screwdriver earring.

One thing you love about each other?

Carmel: He makes me laugh.

Sameer: She is very kind-hearted. Also, she is a very nice human being.

What annoys you about each other?

Carmel: He decorating his socks in the weirdest places.

Sameer: She wants thing to be done in her own way and her own time.

Are you die-hard romantics?

Carmel: Not at all, I laugh at any romantic situation. When the first time he gave me flowers, I laughed.

Sameer: I am much more, not die-hard. I use to send her flowers online from Australia.

Plans for the future?

Carmel: I plan, but he doesn’t. He live the moment and I plan for ten years.

Sameer: I never does.

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