Poetry of the Senses: Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari


Poetry of the Senses Mr. and Mrs. Maheshwari

Adwita Maheshwari and Dhruv Maheshwari

Businesswoman and Businessman

Know thy Partner

Adwita and Dhruv try and guess each other’s likes and dislikes

Favourite Food

Adwita: Sooji ka Halwa (correct)

Dhruv: Pizza (correct)

Favourite Perfume

Adwita: Bvlgari (correct)

Dhruv: Elizabeth Arden (wrong)

Mountains or Beaches

Adwita: Mountains (correct)

Dhruv: Beaches (correct)

‘Private’ Practice

Who takes longer to get dressed?

Adwita: Me.

Dhruv: I take five minutes, she takes half n hour and all that time I wait outside her room to get ready.

Who has more shoes?

Adwita: Me again.

Dhruv: Around 45 pairs of shoes she has and I have three or four pairs.

Who turns off the lights?

Adwita: That’s me, he closes the door.

Dhruv: Don’t lie; it’s the other way round.

Make-up tactic after a fight…

Adwita: I wait for him to say sorry.

Dhruv: I take around five hours to say sorry. So she thinks it comes from the heart.


How did you guys meet?

Dhruv: It’s a typical arrange marriage, but people don’t believe that because we were in same college as she was my senior but were never met.

What attracted you to each other?

Dhruv: All the attraction took place after the marriage.

One thing you love about each other?

Adwita: He looks into things very patiently and in a unbiased way, that makes me to respect him a lot.

Dhruv: I love her simplicity and the person she is.

What annoys you about each other?

Adwita: He knows I like flowers but he never gets me flowers, he thinks it’s a waste of money.

Dhruv: The time she takes to get ready and she have to complete everything at the last moment.

Are you die-hard romantics?

Adwita: I think I am. It’s just that over the years somewhere down the line you need to keep doing new things and I think in our relationship I do it.

Dhruv: I am very romantic but she doesn’t belive.

Plans for the future?

Adwita: Honestly, I would like to see my family happy and I want to take my events work further.

Dhruv: I am fond of cars, will plan to buy BMW 3 Series.

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