Poetry of the Senses: Mr. and Mrs. Kukreja


Sonea R. Kukreja & Raju Kukreja

Sonea R. Kukreja & Raju Kukreja

Interior Designer and Businessman

Know thy Partner

Sonea and Raju try and guess each other’s likes and dislikes

Favourite Food

Sonea: Non veg (correct)

Raju: Fish (correct)

Favourite Perfume

Sonea: Gucci (correct)

Raju: Dior (correct)

Mountains or Beaches

Sonea: Beaches always (correct)

Raju: Mountains always (correct)

‘Private’ Practice

Who takes longer to get dressed?

Sonea: Both takes equal time.

Raju: We both take around 30 min. to get dressed; she sometimes takes a bit longer.

Who has more shoes?

Sonea: Definitely it’s me (laughs).

Raju: She has that much shoes which fill a whole room.

Who turns off the lights?

Sonea: Again it’s me.

Raju: Mostly I sleep late night.

Make-up tactic after a fight…

Sonea: We hardly fight even.

Raju: Exactly, we forget the fight after 15 min or so.


How did you guys meet?

Sonea: Through our relatives.

Raju: It’s an arrange marriage.

What attracted you to each other?

Sonea: His funny and naughty nature. He enjoys every minute of life that I liked very much.

Raju: Her smile.

One thing you love about each other?

Sonea: Mental support, we don’t let anyone feel negative, it’s same in all four of us.

What annoys you about each other?

Sonea: We get annoyed just for a second, and forget it after that.

Raju: I don’t remember either (laughs).

Are you die-hard romantics?

Sonea: I am, but he is not, we go for a drive together for about 2 hours and talk about ourselves. After that we go for a dinner to a nice place.

Raju: I am not.

Plans for the future?

Sonea: We’ll be working together and will support him in every aspect of life.

Raju: Planning a big township together.

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