PMT Results: Gwalior student under top 5

PMT  Results Gwalior student under top 5

Shreya Kampoowal

After 3 years students of Gwalior has managed to acquire a position in top 5  

This time in Pre Medical Test Gwalior students have done an outstanding performance. After three years this opportunity has come that one student has acquired a position under top five. City student Shreya Kampoowale has acquired fourth position merit of PMT, which is significant achievement for Gwalior city. Experts have admitted that coaching institutes for medical entrance exam has gradually increased their level of expertise. Chairman of Pinnacle Institute, Agyat Gupta said, “Coming into neat medical entrance will get tougher and batch of 15 to 20 students will be sufficient. Students who have studied maths and physics thoroughly had got the success”. Pinnacle had a batch of six students in which two students got selected in MP-PMT. He further said, “This was the last year of MP-PMT from next year it will probably be neat. In order to get success students have to study in the order of JEE standard”. Shreya was a student of Pinnacle Institute and has scored 170 out of 200. Other students have also made their presence in top 50. Talking to Plus, the 18-year old said, “I had a time table for my day and I use to study 14 hours a day. I did qualitative study and I use to revise biology as it need lots of revision.” She plans to become a surgeon in her future and in advice to the fellow students preparing for PMT she said don’t go for revision on the last one month of exam, just go through coaching tests and mock tests.

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