Play with Ferrari at Pit wall King


Play with Ferrari at Pit wall King

Pit Wall King is the social game to test your knowledge about the Scuderia Ferrari, win fantastic prizes and a super final prize.

The contest has two sections: Practice and Championship

Train in the Practice section for the Championship. You can practice whenever you want, except in Championship mode. Practice whenever you can to improve your chances in the Championship. The Practice section has different levels and contains the questions asked in the Championship.

The official Championship starts at 12am on Thursday before the GPs and ends one minute before the race starts on Sunday.

In the Championship you have to:
– answer 3 multiple-choice questions of the same type you see in the Practice sessions
– forecast Fernando Alonso’s and Felipe Massa’s places in the current GP.

Every player can participate only once for each race. For every correct answer and for every connect forecast the player receives 5 points.

At the end of every FORMULA 1 GP a week’s classification is set up with the points gained by the players in the CHAMPIONSHIP considering also the time it took the players to reply.

The first 10 in every CHAMPIONSHIP classification for the GPs will win the weekly prize from the

The single classifications will then be used to set up the overall classification to crown the 3 Pit Wall Kings at the end of the season, who will win a very special Ferrari Factory Tour in Maranello!

Don’t wait! Start practicing, challenge your friends and become the Pit Wall King!

Play the game: Pit Wall King

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