Piyush Naik debuts with a story of love, school, and Don


Piyush Naik debuts with a story of love, school, and Don (1)

A time when engineering love stories and other stories related to them s what selling in market, it takes both guts and conviction to bring a love story against a different backdrop. Piyush Naik, an 18-year-old had the mantle to pursue something different. He decided not to follow the tried and tested formula of being a success and gave us a romance which was not a cliché.

In his debut book, he takes us back to the memory lane where school was the fun place to be and the only fear was the test score. The book brings back the nostalgia of first love and the hormonal phase after puberty. The book is about a young boy, Piya who falls in love with Ash, and it is one of those love-at-first-sight stories.

Piyush Naik debuts with a story of love, school, and Don (2)

Piyush Naik

He is compelled by his heart to go after her. His way is marred with Ash’s admirers and the fact that she is the daughter of local don. The story is about if they manage to find each other or not. How friendships are one of the most vital concept of school. It is about first love and first crushes and first infatuations. It is about the time when all the firsts take place.

Piyush has aptly described the time and captured the innocence of the time. In his introduction in his book, he had always wanted to write since the time, he heard the adage “Pen is mightier than the sword”, and he proves it with his writing and the story he has narrated through simple words and characters.

There is an innate humor in the book and he has mentioned a couple of times that it is due to the fact that he loves books that has humor in it and because of his idol, Chetan Bhagat. He always wanted to give stories that were an amalgamation of humor and different emotions.

Oops! I fell in for DON’s daughter is too a cocktail of emotions, which Piyush always says. The young author manages to give the readers a love story with a gangster style twist.

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