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Piramal Enterprises is the flagship company of the Piramal Group and is a world leader in its various business verticals. It has a global footprint of over 100 countries, manufacturing bases in USA, Great Britain, Sri Lanka, China and Canada and a diversified workforce representing the Piramal Group’s diversified global portfolio.

Recently, the UN Conference on Trade and Development’s World Investment Report 2011 ranked Piramal Enterprises’s CMO (contract manufacturing) business vertical as number five in the top 10 pharmaceutical contract manufacturers worldwide; and was awarded the number one position amongst all Indian CMOs.

Drug discovery and research is an important part of the business. Piramal Enterprises aspires to be the first Indian company to discover, develop and launch its own NCE drug in the global market and has made steady progress towards that goal. The company has more than 115 issued patents and 395 pending patent applications in several countries. The patents and pending applications cover a wide variety of areas across multiple discovery and development programmes including compositions of matter (NCEs and natural products), methods of treatment, biomarkers, diagnostics, pharmaceutical compositions, drug delivery systems, etc.

Address: Piramal Enterprises Limited, 247 Business Park, A – Wing, 6th floor, LBS marg, Vikroli (W), Mumbai 400083

Call: +91 22 3095 6666

Website: Piramal Enterprises


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