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Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), on behalf of Govt. of India, Ministry of Petroleum Natural Gas, has been working for the development and deployment of strategies for energy conservation and environment protection in the major sectors of economy i.e., Industry, Agriculture, Transport, Domestic and Commercial.

The Oil crisis of 1970s brought into sharp focus the need for conservation of petroleum products due to the enormous hike in country’s import bill. The Govt. in response, set up the Petroleum Conservation Action Group (PCAG) in 1976, which was subsequently reconstituted as PCRA in 1978. Over the years, new developments have shaped and given thrust to PCRA’s programs and activities.

Call: 91-11-26198856

Address: Petroleum Conservation Research Association, Sanrakshan Bhavan, 10 РBhikaiji Cama Place, New Delhi Р110066

Website: PCRA

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