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A combination of sheer seduction and naughty fun, Peri Peri is an expression of today’s modern girl. With amazing styles and cuts designed to enhance your assets, you can show off your envious figure and bold outfits with alluring confidence. We have lace & Satin to give you the much needed magnificence. So slip into the superior fabrics of Peri Peri and tell the world what fun and seduction is all about.

The Peri Peri lingerie range includes CLASSIC CHIC, ABCs, SUBLIM, PASSION FRUIT, MAX SUPPORT, SECOND NATURE XOXO PERI PERI & MISS PERI & PERI: 8 segments designed to provide for your every need while making you feel unbelievably sexy. So flaunt yourself, because everyone is waiting to get dazzled.

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Peri Peri ad

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