Paper Boat, flavoured drinks that will enlighten your senses


Paper Boat, flavoured drinks that will enlighten your senses

You are just travelling in a boat made from paper, water is cool, drizzling and you diving into your memories. Open the cap of flavoured drink called Paper Boat. Made by Hector Beverages Private Limited, these drinks comes in 10 yummy flavours –

  1. Chilled Rasam: Its a spicy tomato drink with some condiments. It has 25% tomato & tamarind, acidity regulator,citric acid, Natural & nature identical flavouring
  2. Sattu Drink: Originating from Bihar, its made of finely ground chickpeas, sand roasted to perfection coupled with lemon juice, puréed onions and some light spices. It has 6.5% roasted gram flour, 6% lemon juice and gellan gum.
  3. Ginger Lemon Tea: Inspired by Darjeeling tea, it’s brewed with ginger and lemon. It also has black tea leaves and some lemon grass.
  4. Tulsi Tea: Inspired from North Indian courtyards, its a junction of North and the East. Perfect blend of Darjeeling tea with musings of Tulsi. It has 3% of lemon and black tea leaves.
  5. Aamras: Taking the inspiration from Gujarat & Rajasthan, it is purely made with Mango without any preservatives or artificial flavour. It has 45% of mango pulp, sugar, little water and some cardomom & saffron. It also has citric acid, antioxidant and nature-identical flavoring substances.
  6. Jaljeera: Its a infusion of cumin, lemon juice, black pepper and rock salt. It has 8% lemon, cumin power, black pepper powder, ginger powder, black salt, common iodized salt and amchur powder. It also has citric acid, natural and nature identical flavouring substances.
  7. Kokum: Taking inspiration from South India, its made from Kokum (Garcinia indica) berries, a plant in the mangosteen family. It has 10% of kokum, lemon, salt, cumin powder, amchur powder, black pepper powder, lal mirchi powder and black salt.
  8. Jamun Kala Khatta: Taking the taste from Jamun (Syzygium cumini) which has an history from 100 AD. It has jamun, cumin powder, black pepper powder, black salt, common iodized salt, lemon, citric Acid, natural and nature-identical flavoring substancess
  9. Aam Panna: Its made from raw green mangos mixed with lemons. It also has common salt, black salt, black pepper, cumin powder, amchur powder, citric acid, pectin, antioxidant,natural and nature identical flavouring.
  10. Golgappe ka Pani: A famous street snack between the women, Golgappe aka Panipuri has a spicy flavoured water. It has tamarind, lemon, cumin powder, ginger powder, lal mirchi powder, pepper black powder, coriander powder, ajowan, amchur powder, black and. common salt.

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