P. Narahari’s Active Tracker bags Manthan Award 2014


P. Narahari's Active Tracker bags Manthan Award 2014

Gwalior, 15 August 2014: Brainchild of Gwalior Collector Parikipandla Narahari, Active Tracker has recieved Manthan Award under e-health category. To eradicate female foeticide in India Narahari discovered Active Tracker Device for Hamari Ladli Campaign (beti bachao, save the girl child) in India. The Manthan Award South West India was held at Yashada, Rajhbhavan in Pune on 7th August 2014.

P. Narahari's Active Tracker bags Manthan Award 2014

Save girls, save the girl child, is a campaign in India to finish the gender-selective abortion of female foetuses, which has misshaped the population against a symbolic under-delineation of girls in some Indian states. The “Beti Bachao” campaign is backed by human rights groups, non-governmental organizations, and state and local government in India.

Female foeticide is the act of aborting a foetus because it is female. The repetition of female foeticide is discursively predicted from the recognized high birth sex ratio, that is the ratio of boys to girls at birth.

P. Narahari's Active Tracker bags Manthan Award 2014

For the e-Women & Empowerment & e-Health agenda, Chairperson was Dr Shirisha Sathe, Professor, FLAME, Dr. (Capt) Ritu Biyani, Founder, Highways Infinite foundation as Moderator and among the guest were Tushar Sampat, National Awardee & Director at T-Edge Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Prof. Anil R. Surve, Computer Science & Engg. Department, Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli.



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