Olympics 2016: 16 Indian athletes of archery gets mental training


Olympics 2016 16 Indian athletes of archery gets mental training

Ministry of Youth affairs and sports has for the first time organized a mental training camp for archers in India through the Sports Authority of India under the guidance of a trainer from renowned institute Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute, Florida USA. The 5 day camp by Lorenzo Beltrame provided mental training to 16 athletes of archery keeping in view Olympics 2016 and 2020.

Many a times in the past it was observed that Indian athletes get past the qualifying rounds but buckle under pressure at the time of advanced stages of the competitions at International level. One of the main issues to be addressed in this regard is to improve the mental toughness of the athletes. The training camp was a step forward in that direction.

The training for athletes was for 5 days from 20.4.15 to 24.5.15 at JLN stadium New Delhi and comprised of sessions for collective as well as individual one to one sessions. It was followed by 3 days training of 4 coaches and 6 Sports Psychologists from 27th to 29th April, 2015 so that they could continue with the mental training of the said athletes in the run up to the Olympics 2016. Lorenzo Beltrame will also conduct one online session with athletes of the said camp from USA as a follow up.

A detailed report has been sought from Lorenzo Beltrame on the training so that a focused short term approach can be taken for each elite athlete for 2016 Olympics and a road map for long term approach may be prepared for emerging athletes for 2020 Olympics. The Ministry may also consider some more follow up sessions for the athletes with the said institute.

The mental training camp was funded from the National Sports Development Fund of the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The estimated cost is Rs.22.5 lakh.

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