New international cricket stadium to open at Shankarpur, Gwalior


New international cricket stadium to open at Shankarpur, Gwalior

Gwalior, 2 March 2015: A good news for cricket lovers, Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) is establishing a new international stadium at Shankarpur village near Ghatigaon tehsil of Gwalior. The expected completion of the stadium is 2017. The construction work will start this month. With up-class facilities at this futuristic stadium MPCA has passed the design during the meeting. The design of the stadium has been made by VMS Engineering & Design Services Pvt. Ltd. based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Gwalior also has another cricket stadium near city centre area called Captain Roop Singh Stadium. It has a capacity of 58,000 spectators and has served 10 One Day International matches. CRS was developed in 1978, so after 37 years GDCA is giving rest to this old stadium.

The proposal which was submitted by VMS conquered the design competition. VMS designed the stadium with a capacity of 60,000 people with a view to paying accolade to the affluent regional framework. Strong cost controls were enforced to hold back cost invasion. The design is comprehensive, serving all stakeholders – spectators, players, media and administration – identically. The stadium adapts and outshines best practices and ICC requirements.

“The stadium design has been finalized. In the first phase Rs. 60 crore worth development will be done, which will include the construction of north and south pavilion. Development of second phase will start with construction of east and west pavilion after BCCI allots the money.” – Prashant Mehta, GDCA (Gwalior Division Cricket Association) Chairman

  • Cost: Rs. 120 crore will infused to develop this stadium
  • Area: 30 acre land this stadium will take to stand on
  • Facility: Swimming pool, sauna bath, modern gym, dressing room
  • Entry gates: 8 gates are there for spectators to come in
  • Box: 30 corporate box
New international cricket stadium to open at Shankarpur, Gwalior

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