Neuro-Marketing: How Emotions Influence Our Brand Choice


Neuro-Marketing How Emotions Influence Our Brand Choice

How often do you find yourself standing in a store and thinking you absolutely have to purchase a specific product?

Very often! In real, the product we are contemplating is anything we want, not something we need.

How many commercials you watched and made your emotional connection with the product you want to buy?

When the price is not an issue and the quality of the products is the same, we take a longer time to make a precise decision for buying the better product.

Or do you ever find yourself stuck when one purchase more sense than the other one?  Why we attach our emotions to the commodities we buy? The more dilemmatic point is why we shop and purchase the products that we do.

What is Neuromarketing?

All above examples exhibit only one emerging concept in marketing which is being a new trend nowadays, the Neuromarketing which is researching the consumer brain patterns to understand their buying decisions and/or their response to different commercials.   Previously, the marketers and advertisers used consumer groups as a means to find out the positive reactions and success to the product.

In the modern world, where the trends are emerging and shifting to the new horizons, the focus is to make a brand be noticed and succeeded. Due to development in science and technology, we can easily determine what causes the emotional part of our brains to respond and decide, is Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Through MRI, the marketers can easily measure the emotional response of our brains instead of conducting in-depth surveys with a long questionnaire and other statistical techniques.  This kind of technology enables the marketers to get us hooked.

We think that we buy for joy and pleasure, but in real, the biggest emotion the marketers play with is FEAR which is the most accessible and important emotion we all have as survival. Marketers do this by claiming that we can face multiple problems if we don’t purchase their product. Another important emotion which marketers use for making us purchase their product is guilt. We feel guilty when we are not at home with our kids often and we avoid this guilt by giving them the toys and other playing things. Pride is another big emotion which gives everyone a sense that he/she deserves the best.

The marketers play with our emotions by using different elements and make us purchase their products. We work like slaves for them and they tone our brains accordingly.

Elements of Neuromarketing:

Following are the elements which marketers must focus while using Neuro-marketing:


Be considerate! If your brand is working on ‘YOU’ & ‘ME’, be ready that your business is near to wind up. The idea of focusing on You & Me is obsolete and has been isolated. Try to invite everyone as everyone is the part of our market and can be our customer.

Make your website user-friendly

While you are making your company’s website, focus on providing more accurate, precise and consistent information to your customers. Think strategically how your customers can cope up with this website through the content your website is providing to them. Get the insight of your customers and find a third-party perspective how your website is playing in the market. Try to make your site confusion and complexity-free as it overwhelms the customers and they won’t come to buy your product.

Do your research!

There is a huge work being done in this new area – Neuromarketing.  Apply Neuro-marketing at the maximum for creating satisfaction in your customers’ minds and keeping them in touch with your brand and your company.  This may help you in designing your brand as well. People notice every little thing around them, from fonts to color, try to keep your brand be noticed.

I want it now!

Unfortunately, we are the nation of instant gratification and satisfaction. You have to feed it inside your customers. None wants to wait. Do immediately whatever you want to do as we are a post-patience nation.

The Neuromarketing is a new term which companies are using to capture our brains for recognizing our buying patterns. Though most of the big firms are adopting this new term, but it may benefit the same to the small companies as well.

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