Nasha: Exactly after 1 hour movie is worth watching!


Nasha Exactly after 1 hour movie is worth watching! (4)

Just finished watching movie Nasha, and frankly writing, we never thought this movie will have that depth and sense of a story. Acting was not that good, somewhere you will feel that the scene is overplayed. As you see in the movie poster, story revolves around Saahil (Shivam Patil) who slowly and slowly falls in love with his teacher Anita (Poonam Pandey) soon after he first saw her. Later he feels jealous when he comes to know Anita have a boyfriend. And when the emotions bursts out the real movie starts just from there. And that time is 1:00:00 or you can say after 1 hour of movie is over.

The real essence of the story gets the beginning and in the end it creates such a havoc of emotions between the two characters and viewers that somewhere between the scenes you can feel your eyes getting a bit more watery. Acting was still the lacking part of the movie, but it will develop between the characters in their upcoming movies for sure. Direction by Amit Saxena was just fantastic. We wont give any ratings or star to this movie nor we will tell you to go fast and buy its DVD, we will just tell you that this movie is for those who grasps that feeling, that joy which can only be felt.

Nasha Exactly after 1 hour movie is worth watching! (3)

Basic element of the movie is emotion and how one has to erase those emotions when the life shows a different expression. Ending speech left for Saahil left on her door by Anita is must watch or hear like Shahrukh Khan’s speech was must watch in Chak De! India. Movie teaches that life will reach to its conclusions by its own someday or the other and never impose your own dilemma to come true. As said by Anita during the start of the movie that love stories are completed only when they are left uncompleted.

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