Music in my ears: On four wheels




Music, a simple media with the inclusion of vocals, combined with different instruments to listen too. That can be said as the most basic of definitions of music, Music is a part of our lives which is impossible to be taken out off, and some listen to music due to their personal preference, others for pleasure seeking. The fact is music influences our everyday lives and behavior. People often seek to introduce music in their lives to alter their moods.

Taking into account. Listening to music while driving is a much too commonly seen practice around the world, an activity enjoyed by many world over. Music is a form of ‘getting away’ type of activity for the average listener. Music can be detrimental if listened to for a prolonged period of time, and can be a reason for serious trouble. Where there are bad aspects to the listening to music in the car, there are also good ones.

Looking at some of the reasons why music is listened too:

Mood Enlightenment

Listening to music can not only help enlighten your mood but also bring in a sense of relaxation to the average driver. Music promotes and environment of calmness and brings in change for the listener. A person coming in, from a stressful day at work; knowing his house is an hours long worth of drive, will surely try to find an activity. Perhaps music and that too listening too top country songs of 2016. Considering they are very relaxing and softly sung. Light and soothing music has naturally tendency to make a driver less impulsive, rash and stressful.

Passing Time

Music in the car, and not for passing time? Impossible! Music is the no.1 activity that drivers indulge in besides driving or using their cellphones in the car. It is an efficient way to pass time, considering the point above. A relax mind is bound to work time faster than a mind which is frustrated, agitated. Let’s look into a time of Rush hour perhaps, coming back from work, seeing endless cars and traffic going nowhere, can lead to a driver helping himself to listen to music to pass the time, when frankly nothing else can be done.

Blocking Unnecessary Noise

Stuck in traffic, listening to honking horns and all sorts of traffic noises, the traffic police with the whistle. All this extra noise adds to the variables that lead to stress levels being raised. Not all websites. Not every person is able to afford BMW or some high end luxury brand with active noise cancellation and absorbents in the car construction. Listening to some good old fashion music is a nice way to focus your ears on what one wishes to hear.

Effect on Young Drivers

In today’s fast and pacey world, we are witnessing a staggering growth in the number of cars pilling up on the roads nowadays, more and more of those cars are being driven by young people, mostly late teenagers. Some hold licenses, some don’t. A driver’s permit allows them to drive with an accompanied experienced adult. The mindset of a teenager however does not change so instantly.

Young and Inexperienced

A young teenager is in the process of developing his/ her skills in the new found responsibility of driving. Unlike other things, a bicycle or skateboard: Is less of a loss; instead a car is a greater sense of responsibility. Seating a young individual in driver’s seat is not only a risk to himself and the passengers but also to his surroundings and people.

Unable to process information

Taking into consideration the above point, a mind which is still in the development phase; combine that with raging hormones and fluctuating moods. Effect on driving behavior. These behaviors can mean the difference of life and death in a situation of emergency in which is vital, for the driver to be in utmost agility in their reaction times and unable to keep track and hold of their emotional state of minds.

Music Acts as a distraction

Developing minds, are distracted enough already. Their sensory perception and motor control are all in functioning in conjunction with respect to their emotional state of mind; which at an early age can be easily influenced. Music running in the car can prove to be a triggering factor in creating a state of mind, which can be harmful to drive under.


Under normal conditions, it is okay to listen to music while driving. It comes down to our individual perception to listening music, with respect to driving at the same time.  Individuals, confident in their abilities to multitask and simultaneously carry out other talks can listen to music. It is advisable that people with less control over their state of mind, and known to show behaviors which can be easily influenced to other means: like music, should avoid so.

Music should purely be taken as an activity of leisure and pleasure seeking; should not be used as a medium to focus and channel negativeness and pump oneself with all things morally wrong. Music should be seen as way of calming away from the usual routine and its appropriate usage should be found with respect to where it will be used or heard.

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