Motto of electricity distribution is social service not business

Motto of electricity distribution is social service not business

Dr. Praveen Agarwal

In Gwalior to improve electricity distribution through RAPDRP Rs.254 crore are allocated, out of which Rs.197 crore is guaranteed planning for stopping the electricity theft. Till date only 15% work of the same is completed and results are very positive as revenue has increased and simultaneously line loses had dramatically reduced. The time limit to fully implement RAPDRP (RESTRUCTURED ACCELERATED POWER DEVELOPMENT & REFORMS PROGRAMME) in Gwalior division is February 2013. It is evident that results of RAPDRP are positive, so till February 2013 privatization of electricity distribution should be suspended. The main motto of electricity distribution is not to earn profit as a business but it is a social service so that all the categories of pupils get benefited out of it and electricity distribution is monopolized distribution. Everyone is aware that Private Company normally runs their business to earn maximum profit, so there are chances that private company handling monopolized electricity distribution business to earn profit may do injustice with consumers.

The author is Vice President of Gwalior Chamber of Commerce, it is a form of business network, e.g., a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. He is also President of Sajag Prakoshtha Samiti Gwalior and a Member of State Advisory Committee Madhya Pradesh Regulatory Commission Bhopal. 

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