Mix and Match your dresses!



These days, wearing different colors and mix matching them is very much in fashion. Perfecting the colors combination and it will be helpful for your formal or casual outings. Not even clothes, accessories,  sandals etc. are also appreciated with color mix.

Blue and Black

Wearing these colors will give you a statement look. If your scared about colors combination going wrong, then this is for you.

Picture: Ocrun lolita


Turquoise and Pink

Wearing pastel and super bright colors will give you a feminine look and it will also show your fashion sense. Accessories will go perfectly with this combination, especially clutch, purse or scarf.

Picture: richard hanmer


Red and Pink

These bold colors are from same color family. Because of this, these colors balance each other. These colors are famous for winter color mix.

Picture: Lisa Solomon


Orange and Green

To lift up your mood, you can wear tangerine color. With this you can take bold accessories.

Picture: Ralf


Yellow and Purple

You won’t wear royal purple with sunshine yellow, but girl, this is the best color combination this winter. Wearing this color will give eyes some pleasure.

Picture: Susan


Teal  and Magenta

Teal is sober and magenta is a bright color, so this combination evolves. Where teal makes you look beautiful, on the other hand teal gives you peace. Its a weekend-best color combination.

Picture: gkomkai


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