Mitsubishi Pajero in dual tone paint job by J.R. Automotives


Mitsubishi Pajero in dual tone paint job by J.R. Automotives  (2)

Gwalior, 4 September 2014: Pajero is a more than 30 years old cult SUV and this is its fourth generation, its brand presence is embroidered around its tough build quality, luxury features, stunning off-roading capabilities, dual tone colour combination and durability. When Pajero Sport was launched it had a single tone paint job but included all those other features. The Pajero devotees craved for that dual tone paint job.

Runchit Saxena, Managing Director of J.R. Automotives said, “If I ask someone in India about Pajero, the first thing which come to the mind is that dual tone colour, Red and Pearl White combination. So I tried to provide old stance to this new Pajero Sport. I provided Mitsubishi a 3D designed dual tone Pajero Sport pictures earlier which they liked it and approved it for production. Hence it was named the Pajero Sport DT Limited Edition.”

Right now Pajero Sport is offered in two colors yellow white and red white dual tone paint job. The graphics are also designed by Runchit himself, which states Super Select 4WD, which is a unique feature of Pajero and keeps it at the head of its competitors.

The response and reviews of this limited edition is celebrated among the Pajero devotees. J.R. Automotives, the Mitsubishi dealer is itself having a booking of more than two months right now. To keep an icing over the came, this limited edition have many more upgrades like a hot and cold fridge, rear entertainment system etc., these supplement features give Pajero Sport DT Limited Edition a much more exclusivity and a feel of richness.

“The vision is to provide a new feel to the Pajero Sport and provide our customers more exclusive feel of buying a Pajero Sport. Dual tone colour is offered in very less vehicle around the globe, it has been popularized by Bugatti Veyron, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Pajero and many more”, says Runchit.

Price: Rs. 26.81 lacs (on-road UP) | Rs. 27.01 lacs (on-road MP)

Mitsubishi Pajero in dual tone paint job by J.R. Automotives  (1)



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