Minister son attempts suicide at Scindia school after ragging


Minister son tries suicide at Scindia school after ragging (3)

Gwalior, 23 August 2014: Incident of Wednesday, School administration tried to hide, police was informed late night of Friday, local doctors refereed student to Delhi

Adarsh was fed up of ragging | School plea, student attempted suicide | Doctor has doubt, suspicious incident about attempt to murder | Relatives allegation, school authority is lying, its a attempt of murder

– Bihar’s cooperative minister Jai Kumar Singh’s son Adarsh Kumar Singh is a 9th class student

An incident of Scindia school headed by Jyotiradiya Scindia has come out in which 9th class student has tried to hang himself. Student is a son of Bihar’s cooperative minister Jai Kumar Singh whose name is Adarsh Kumar Singh. Incident is said to be happened at the night of Wednesday 8 pm. Relatives have alleged that its a attempt of murder. Whereas doctors of Apollo hospital in New Delhi have said that it doesn’t look like a matter of suicide, rather its a suspicious matter about attempt of murder by strangulation. He was admitted to Apollo hospital around 8.30 am on Thursday. Though after two days Vice-principal Shalini Mehrotra has sent a letter to Bohdapur Police station on Friday night saying that Adarsh was found in unconscious state in hostel. He was immediately taken to two nursing home in the city from where he was referred to Delhi.

According to information, Adarsh’s condition is very critical. Late night of Friday he opened his eyes three-four times. But he is still not in a state to speak. Currently he is kept on ventilator in ICU. Present at Apollo hospital close to Minsiter, Akhilesh told over phone that Adarsh has been strangulated. There are wound marks on his neck. Seniors has done ragging with Adarsh. He told his mother on phone three days back that he is fed up of ragging and harassment. Come and take him.

However, on the matter of incident school administration said on Wednesday night of 8 pm when student didn’t came for medidation, then school staff entered his room. That time bed sheet was wrapped on student’ neck, with ceiling fan had dropped on the floor. Staff informed the school authorities. He was immediately taken to hospital of Dr. C.P. Bansal located near Shabd pratab aashram. After that in critical condition he was taken to Global hospital located at Gandhi road. Here his condition deteriorated and he was taken to Delhi by ambulance.

Minister son attempts suicide at Scindia school after ragging

The Scindia School is an Indian boarding school for boys, established in 1897.

Collector P. Narahari has handed over the investigation to Tehsildar Anil Raghav. In this incident school authorities seems to get involved in a circle of questions. Why Adarsh has taken such step, school authorities have declined to answer this. This incident has become a horripilation in school, additionally other students are in shock. Rajeev who is a maternal uncle of Adarsh has said from Patna that Adarsh’s cousin also study with him in the same school. He is also not able to say anything.

Jyotiraditya Scindia visited the Delhi hospital and relieved the Bihar minister. He guaranteed a accurate investigation by a effective school committee.

Media was stopped from entering the school: On Friday when media representatives reached Scindia school, security guards stopped them at the main gate. School authority is trying to pressing the matter. During that security guards got involved with media in some aggressive talks. But authority didn’t allowed media to get inside. PCR van was also posted at the school so that no dispute should take place. During this when students had talk with media they looked very tensed and in a state of shock. Due to fear students declined to say anything.

Minister son tries suicide at Scindia school after ragging (1)

Three days back called his mother requesting to change his room: Relatives said that three days back on call Adarsh told his mother that some students are disturbing him. That’s why he wants to change the room of his hostel in which he is staying. After that this incident took place.

Ragging pictures at Scindia school-

“School authorities informed me on Wednesday night that my son has attempted suicide by handing himself. But I totally dismiss this fact. My son can never try suicide”, Jai Kumar Singh, Cooperative minister, Bihar

“I don’t know what where the reasons Adarsh tried to hang himself. Student’s is undergoing treatment in Delhi. Adarsh is good at studies. I am out of town, after reaching school I can be able to give a detail information”, Samik Ghosh, Principal, Scindia School, Gwalior

“Hostel warden of Scindia school brought the student to me. Student was under my supervision only for the time ambulance was on the way from Global hospital”, Dr. C.P. Bansal, owner, Bansal nursing home, Gwalior

“Student was taken to hospital in a unconscious state. Student had breathing difficulty therefore he was put on ventilator. After some time he was refereed to Delhi”, Dr. Sunil Gajendra Gadkar, Global hospital, Gwalior

“It is clear, he attempted suicide. We have stumbled upon crucial information after speaking to his brother and other schoolmates. Reasons are almost clear, but it would be too early to come to final conclusion at this juncture”, ASP Mohammad Yusuf Qureshi, Gwalior



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