Mercedes-Benz India on fast track, opens another dealership in Mumbai


Mercedes-Benz India on fast track, opens another dealership in Mumbai (3)

Mumbai, 2 December 2014: Following its ‘Excellence in Network’ strategy, Mercedes-Benz India inaugurated its new outlet in the financial capital of the country. Completed in eight months with an investment of over 30 million, the new showroom reinforces the Three Pointed Stars’ endeavor to provide an unparalleled luxury vehicle experience to its discerning customers. The facility is located at Aston Tower, Lokhandawala, Andheri and was inaugurated by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India and Mohan Mariwala, Managing Director, Auto Hangar India Pvt. Ltd.

Speaking on the inauguration of Auto Hangar Andheri showroom, Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said, “Mercedes-Benz is synonymous with luxury motoring and it has been our continuous endeavor to provide a superlative experiences to our customers in line with our core brand philosophy of ‘Best or Nothing’. Mumbai is a matured market and consumers expect luxury, technology and service that are at par with global standards. The new Mercedes-Benz showroom is equipped with world class features that are aimed to take care of all automotive needs of our evolving customers and thus establishing a world class car ownership experience. This is the 10th outlet we have inaugurated this year and continue to have the densest network in the country. Our bullishness is also echoed by our dealer partners, who are also investing into making such world-class facilities, and creating benchmarks in modern luxury.”

Spread over 6,000 sq. ft., Auto Hangar has a 7 car display in the showroom, along with valet parking, exclusive customer lounge, Mercedes Café, exclusive zones for accessories and collections from Mercedes-Benz and an exclusive AMG display area. Designed and created to provide a fascinating Mercedes-Benz experience for customers, the new facility has optimum visibility and presence in the area and is conveniently located for customers. A qualified and experienced team of 27 committed personnel will take care of the sales requirements of the customers.

Mercedes-Benz India on fast track, opens another dealership in Mumbai (1)

Eberhard Kern MD & CEO Mercedes-Benz India and Mohan Mariwala at the inauguration

Mohan Mariwala, Director, Auto Hangar, said, “Our association with the Three Pointed Star is more than a decade old and we are delighted to take this association further with the inauguration of this world class showroom. This new Mercedes-Benz showroom is in the heart of the city and will enable us to successfully cater to our growing customer base. We look forward to being a part of the growth story of Mercedes-Benz in India. We aim to provide an unparalleled buying and ownership experience to our customers and are confident of fascinating them with the brand.”

Located in a preferred residential area, the state of the art Mercedes-Benz showroom has all the modern amenities and touch of class that underscores the Three Pointed Star’s dominance in creating qualitative and the densest network reach of any luxury car maker in India. With nine outlets in Mumbai and 13 outlets in Maharashtra, Mercedes-Benz has the densest network presence in the country with 67 outlets in 37 cities.

The ‘Excellence in Network’ strategy of Mercedes-Benz translates to continuous endeavor in creating new avenues of customer fascination and delight. It means creating new benchmarks in terms of modern luxury and driving innovations. One-of-its kind initiatives are being implemented across dealerships guided by Mercedes-Benz India in enhancing this environment of ‘Excellence’ and to create an experience of modern luxury. All the Five Human Senses of Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and Taste are directly and very uniquely addressed in the dealerships through carefully chosen elements which impress upon these senses. This essentially aims at bringing in the feeling of exclusivity and also impresses upon the customers and prospects with an environ that spells modern luxury. The fascinating elements of impressing the five Senses of a Patron create uniqueness in terms of universal experience across all Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

Mercedes-Benz India on fast track, opens another dealership in Mumbai (2)



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