Meghna Pants Gives The Readers Another Introspecting Read


Meghna Pants Gives The Readers Another Introspecting Read (1)

Meghna Pant is no stranger to being cherished and loved by both her fans and critics. After the success of her first novel, “One and a Half Wife”, Meghna Pant’s second novel was waited in earnest by the book lovers. The award winning author, Meghna Pant’s comes out with her second book titled, “Happy Birthday”, which is published by Random House Publications.

After Dubai and Delhi, she is currently residing in Mumbai. Her first novel was praised for its newness and crisp writing. It won Meghna Pant, the Muse India’s Young Writer Award. The novel was also long listed for the Cinnamon Press Novel Writing Award; it made it to the top ten in Word Hustler’s Literary Storm Novel Contest, and also reached the second round of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

With her second book, Meghna pant has given a short story book and not a novel. The book, “Happy Birthday” is a collection of thirteen stories depicting different facets of human emotions. The subjects with their emotions are vivid, which range from a woman married in money, yet she is unhappy with her life, to the Mumbai-slum girl who wants to become someone so that what she says is valuable enough to be translated in English.

Meghna Pants Gives The Readers Another Introspecting Read (2)

Meghna Pant

All the thirteen stories are heart-warming, introspecting, and emotional stories, which are eye-openers. The name of the book suggested that it will contain happy stories, but they were realities of life, realities we often run away from, realities we close our eyes to. Even the cover of this book is beautiful and all you can see are the balloons, but if you look at it very carefully, you will realize that each balloon contains an object, and these are all related to something or the other in the stories.

Happy Birthday is being praised by every corner of the publishing world. Some of the most celebrated authors have appreciated the book and the online community too is in sync with them. The book has become the editor’s choice and the review said, “When you read a collection of short stories, you expect it to be wide-ranged and almost close to perfect. The writer for one cannot hide behind layers of plot, as sometimes in a story there is just one layer. At the same time, it isn’t easy for a writer to move from a novel to writing short stories for the second book. Meghna Pant achieves this to some extent in her new book, Happy Birthday and Other Stories.”

Meghna Pant by profession is a TV anchor and also a finance journalist. She has recently quit her job to become a full time writer, to pursue her passion. She is currently working on her third book is titled ‘Sons Of God’ and another short story book.

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