May 2015 prediction by Tarot Master, Pooja Mathur


May 2015 prediction by Tarot Master, Pooja Mathur

1. Aries (21/3 – 19/4)

This month will be a very good month for Ariens. This is a propitious time for growth as you take powerful strides and move with speed & purpose. But at the end of this month you will feel loss of energy because of less sleep. Pay attention to your sleep as you will have health issues related to less sleep. You will feel deep urge for LOVE and will be drawn to that person whom you have attracted.

  • Every Tuesday you have to drink Rose-water with Rose petals soaked in water.
  • Lucky Days:  Wednesday, Thursday
  • Lucky Dates: 9, 27, 18
  • Lucky Color: Deep Red, Deep Orange

2. Tarus (20/4-20/5)

In this month be very careful regarding taking decisions related to Job, Business, and Career & Love-life. The waxing phase of Moon, you can use for your own advantage as the transformative energies in this phase are powerful. The communication between you and your superior will increased. Chances of buying new property/ house are very bright.

Keep your energies in check as something might trigger your anger. Be careful about your headache.

  • On Tej-Patta write OM & put that below your pillow while sleeping.
  • Lucky Days:  Friday
  • Lucky Dates: 6, 15, 24
  • Lucky Color: Pink, Pale Green

3. Gemini(21/5-21/6)

This month is going to bring joyful possibilities of new job, work & relationships which will be very deeply connected to Roots. It is indicating a new birth in your family or chances of meeting your Soul-Mate are bright. Create strength for past financial issues as you have learnt a lot in this your phase. You are going to overcome with all your possibilities provided please keep your mind positive to feel happy & healthy as your mind mattersthe most.

  • Offer Yellow Dal or any other Yellow Colored Food to any Temple on Thursday.
  • Lucky Days:  Wednesday
  • Lucky Dates: 5, 14, 23
  • Lucky Color: Yellow, Grey

4. Cancer (22/6-22/7)

This month is full of Entertainment, Holidays, and Enjoyments as it indicates inflow of good amount of money. Change in job or business is indicated plus chance for new birth in family. But please do proper research about each n everything n then plan accordingly. Pay attention towards over-eating n alcohol consumption Sexual inclinations will be high. This month’s energies are powerful, so will bring balance & stability in your life. Towards month end you will expand your business. Control over your food n drinks is very essential.

  • For most of the month wear pale-green color.
  • Lucky Days:  Monday
  • Lucky Dates: 2, 11, 20
  • Lucky Color: Pale Green

5. Leo(23/7-22/8)

During this month there will be many outlets & channels & openings for Love, Romance & Marriage. This month you are going to shift to new place for new work & environment. It is showing that for next few months your energies will be disturbed. You have to be patient from the feminine side. Since you have lost lots of money, now focus will be entirely on earning money so possibilities of new job, work are there.

12th May to 24th June a very powerful period for Money, Love & Romance.

  • On Saturday read Hanuman Chalisa & offer Sarson ka Tel to Lord Hanuman.
  • Lucky Days:  Sunday
  • Lucky Dates: 6,1
  • Lucky Color: Orange, Gold

6. Virgo(23/8-22/9)

This month will turn very good if you will not allow any confusions to overrule your dreams. You have a fabulous & intelligent mind to pursue great dreams & achievements. Do not take any initiate in arguments in your family matters. You need a proper medical check-up as chronic illness can surface. There are quarrels & squabbles & also windfall of profits at work. The health of elders, property, and domestic affairs will cost tensions.

  • Keep Betel Leaf(Paan) in your bed room.
  • Lucky Days:  Wednesday
  • Lucky Dates: 5
  • Lucky Color: Green, Dark Brown

7. Libra (23/9-22/10)

This month requires lots of balance & stability between Money & relationship as whatever you have decided that is going to happen so be prepare for change. Try different options in your work & allow universe to guide you appropriately. After 16 th May your plate is packed with Guddies so put a great deal in planning your transactions. There are money & honey, hopes & dreams in this month. This month elders will require medications. Please do take care of your back & throat.

  • Offer water in Brass-Vessel to Lord Surya every day.
  • Lucky Color: Blue
  • Lucky Days:  Friday
  • Lucky Dates: 6

8. Scorpio(23/10-21/11)

Mental Trauma, Illusions & False assumptions will take a toll on your health. Be careful regarding money matters, but this month focus move on your physical level. There is a chance of someone will manipulate you for their gain. This month you will be little rebel about restrictions of any kind.

There are money & honey, hopes & dreams in this month & also storng ego drives. Expect a sudden gain in finances.

  • Chant OM NMAH SHIVAY 108 times everyday & focus on your 3r Eye chakra every day.
  • Lucky Color: Blue, Dark Red, Marron
  • Lucky Days:  Tuesday
  • Lucky Dates: 9, 27, 18

9. Sagittarius(22/11-21/12)

This month you will be guided by a person who is very knowledgeable in finance & wealthy also. It seems that the possibility of you are involving with a person who is like a king, It shows new romance, new possibilities of everything. So you can finally going to choose & have a choice between two people as they are from different world. There may be up-downs in your work related area. Need to polish your skills for betterment. This great time with the matters connected with your domestic, personal & emotional life. There are love, lust n deep bonding.

  • Wear Amethyst color or crystal to release negativity which is in your surroundings.
  • Lucky Color: Purple, Violet, Indigo
  • Lucky Days:  Thursday
  • Lucky Dates: 3,12,21,30

10. Capricorn (22/12-19/1)

This month is a windfall in each & every area of your life, may be relationships,money, job or finances. This month you are going to enjoy holidays aborad with your loved one. Last year’s work-related commitments are still pending, but that is going to be fruitful this year, so plan your cards very well. As the month progresses there is a stability in your affairs. Domestic issues need your attention & medical emergency indicated.

  • Offer Supari to Lord Ganesh on Tuesday to recreate magic in  your life.
  • Lucky Color: Dark Maroon, grey
  • Lucky Days:  Saturday
  • Lucky Dates: 8,12,17,11

11. Aquarius(20/1-18/2)

This month you have to take charge of your life in a positive way, so that no one can influence you on any level of your consciousness. Avoid eating outside as you are highly sensitive to chemicals. Try to control your anger & emotions & speak your truth whenever required. Finance wise it showing improvement & health wise also. Acquire yourself into something which is very important to you. You may feel restless to solve some past issues, but will probably need help from friends & parent. Great time for personal advancement.

  • Offer Milk & water to Shiv-Ling on Monday, this will bring more calm n
  • Peace in your life.
  • Lucky Color: electic Blue, turquise  ,white
  • Lucky Days:  Saturday
  • Lucky Dates: 1,4,7

12. Pieses(19/2-20/3)

Pay attention towards your health. Clear lots of clutter from your house & from your environment. Detox your systems to release your emotional & physical imbalance. Pay attention to your ideas, what you are getting in your dreams, as they are they are messages to true divine guidance. If you are going through any major trauma in your life ask your masters to guide you.

  • Involve yourself in activities based on chakras n dancing.
  • Lucky Color: Amethyst , Purple, Voilet, see green
  • Lucky Days:  Thursday
  • Lucky Dates:2,6,7

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