Maruti Suzuki Swift crushed after a hit from bus


Maruti Suzuki crushed after a hit from bus (3)

Malappuram, July 31, 2014: Among 2 couple, 2 people died on the spot when a bus hit the Maruti Suzuki Swift in Pookiparamba of Malappuram District, Kerela. The incident defines how much shallow is the body of Swift of 2014 model.

Maruti Suzuki crushed after a hit from bus (2)

Impact on the KSRTC bus was minor whereas Swift got half crushed in the accident. Residents has to take off the top panel to free the passengers which saw 2 died on the spot. Its been said that car lost the balance due to high speed during heavy rain. There were two families in the car of which two gents died on the spot.

Time of Government to take proper rules and regulation regarding car safety. On average in a year 1,35,000 people die in India and the number is increasing.



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