Maruti Esteem transforms into Bugatti Veyron


Maruti Esteem transforms into Bugatti Veyron

Atleast someone tried, we should say like that. Better will appear soon. The person who fabricated this car is named Faheem. He is a body shop technician in Hyderabad and wanted to make a Bugatti replica. This car took about 18 months for its development from Maruti Esteem to get in this shape, this is one man job and all the body fabricated in mild steel sheet are by hand moldings

Go for design, no matter it runs on a tiny 1.3 liter gasoline engine. He is a middle class person who earns about Rs. 20k per month but he has more passion to do some work like this so he stopped working for 20 months & made this replica.  Before watching the Veyron closely, he started his work on Veyron thinking its a enough size, but later after half of the completion on the project he though this size was not enough. Doesn’t matter Faheen, a start is always needed.

News Credit: Stickshifter EB

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