Making system more accessible to common man: Sanjay Choudhary


Making system more accessible to common man Sanjay Choudhary (2)

Neat and pollution free roads, good civic amenities are the synonyms of perfect city, says the Madhya Pradesh Transport Commissioner.

With the increasing population, public of Gwalior will have the courage to dream of a future where sustainable, equitable and accessible transport system could be a reality. So feels Madhya Pradesh Transport Department Commissioner Sanjay Choudhary, who spoke to Shobhit Gosain about making city work better. Excerpts from the interview:

What is your vision of an ideal city?

Firstly, a city administration’s investments must improve the quality of life and the economic development opportunities of the city. The two go very much hand-in-hand. The fact that our cities are growing should be used as a lever to invest in the city’s basic transport, civic amenities, medical care, housing and other systems with a comprehensive approach…It’s not about working in silos. It really needs integrated attention across all agencies.

In Gwalior, there have been attempts to improve accessibility for the visually challenged. Your views on the rights of the differently-abled and the disadvantaged to access public spaces?

We are all temporarily able. And so, the idea of accommodating the needs of everyone is a very important part of creating a world-class city. We found that when the accessibility ramps were installed, it makes it much easier for everybody to get around. And similarly, when we built our bike lanes and low floor buses, it became much easier for the senior citizens and the kids to cross.

Tell us about improvements in MP Transport System?

A) We are going massive restricting of online tax collection. This will cover for RTO functionaries and things will become more accessible to common man. B) Department is progressing every month in Computerized Interstate Check Posts (CICP) which is fully computer integrated and about six major check post have been computerised by deploying electronic weighbridges and video cameras. C) Providing online VIP number auction. D) In next 3 years, all districts of state will have citizen friendly RTO office building.

In Gwalior, we are coming up with a new transport commissioner office and RTO office at SADA, national highway.

Making system more accessible to common man Sanjay Choudhary (1)

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