Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Olympic Gold Medalist Shooter Mr. Abhinav Bindra at the clinic

Due to closure of JC mills, Grasim and Cimmco etc run by Birla group of industries since Gwalior state time the economy of nearly 5 lakhs of suburb Gwalior was totally destroyed. Thousands of laborers and poor people became victim of unemployment and starvation. They were unable to seek treatment from qualified doctors, getting standard medicines due to their abject poverty.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Union Minister of State, Jyotiraditya Scindia visited the hospital

Under such adverse circumstance Lokhitkari Trust established a free of charge hospital in Gwalior suburb on 23 February 1994 to help the poor and destitute people. Most of them are SC, ST, OBC and minority classes. The trust provides free consultation of qualified Doctors in Lohamandi area on fort road and distribute standard allopathic medicines free of charge dental service also free of charge to the poor people. Thus during this period the trust hospital has treated lakhs of poor people not only of suburb Gwalior but also of different places of greater Gwalior consisting of Lashkar, Morar and Gwalior.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Chairman of ITM University Ramashankar Singh interacting with the patients

The uniqueness of the trust hospital is that it is run purely on people’s participation without any government assistance whatsoever. The accounts of financial transactions of the trust are maintained regularly and got audited by qualified chartered accountant. The audited accounts are annually submitted to the registrar of trusts Gwalior.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

District Collector Akash Tripathi and then SP A. Sai Manohar witnesses the hospital

The Lokhitkari Trust commands faith and confidence of more than thousand people who regularly contribute to the funds of the trust on monthly basis. The activities of the hospital and the trust are conducted by these funds. Further Dr. Deepak Agarwal (Ped), Dr. Virendra Maheshwari (Surgeon), Dr. Rakesh Raizada (Radiologist), Dr. K.C. Ahuja (ENT), Dr. Arvind Roonwal (Ped), Dr. B.R. Shrivastava (Surgeon), Dr. Ashok Mishra, Dr. Kuldeep Saxena (Skin), Dr. Khojema Saifi (Skin), Dr. Rahul Agarwal (ENT), Dr. Dinesh Mishra and Dr. Reeta Mishra, Dr. Jai Mathur (Physician), Dr. P.  Bhasin of Eye extend their cooperation by providing free medical services to the patients of Lokhitkari Trust.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Inauguration of automatic analyzer donated by LIC by their divisional manager Nikesh Koomar

A number of celebrities including Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra, minister of state for commerce and industries in Government of India Jyotiraditya Scindia, noted Gazal singer Padma Shri Pinaz Masani, internationally renowned danseus Raja and Radha Reddy, famous play back singer Hema Sar Desai etc. have visited the trust hospital at different occasions.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Divisional Commissioner S B Singh witnesses the Pathology of the hospital

Prominent organizations like Life Insurance Corporation of India, State Bank of India etc have donated costly equipments to the hospital.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Padma Vibhushan Raja Radha Reddy witnesses the dental unit of hospital

A number of religious and social minded persons also help the poor people by donating medicines to them celebrating the birthdays of their children and any member of their family, marriage anniversary and death anniversary of elderly people of the family.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

Members of the institute donating material as a help in a marriage of a poor girl

The Lokhitkari Trust has got 50% rebate of income tax under section 80 G of income tax act and has been registered under FCRA for receiving donation in foreign currency.

Lokhitkari Trust, Helping the poor at every step

The then CEO of SADA Mr.Kumar Purushottam with members of organisation

Donations are exempt from Income Tax under section No. 80G Indian Cheques / Drafts should drawn in favour of “Lok Hitkari Trust” Gwalior A/c No. 945310100008033, Bank of India, Phool Bagh Branch, Gwalior. Foreign Contributions accepted under FCRA in the name of “Lok Hitkari Trust” to be sent to our A/C No. 94531011000131, Bank of India, Phool Bagh Branch, Gwalior (M.P.) India (Swift Code – BKIDBBGWA)

Call: +91-9425111819

Office: 14, Laxmibai Colony, Padav, Gwalior (M.P.)

Dispensary: Satya Sadan, In front of Seth Khachcharam ki Gali, Loha Mandi, Kila Road, Gwalior (M.P.)

Email: pandeys_htgwl@rediffmail.com, pandey.drkeshav@gmail.com

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