Little Angels becomes first school to collaborate with Predictive Index


Little Angels becomes first school to collaborate with Predictive Index

Gwalior, May 7, 2014: Little Angels is the first school in India, who has partnered with Predictive Index in order to enhance its already existing system and processes. The school increasingly targets and works to ensure that it becomes the most effective organization with the best teachers, systems and processes. Its association with PI is also one of the important steps headed to ensure the same.

Predictive Index is a scientifically-based assessment tool that helps organizations to understand how people work independently and in teams. PI allows matching teachers and their job profiles, building and improving teams and diagnosing and treating organization dysfunction etc. It is used for a variety of personnel management purposes. The information obtained from the Predictive Index can be applied to improve many areas of the school which include:

  • Teamwork- A successful organization depends on strong overall teams, but getting teachers to work as a team is a tremendous challenge. The Predictive Index can be used to help put together balanced teams and make sure each teacher has the skills and training needed to contribute to the overall team success.
  • Leadership- In today’s work environment, leaders need to articulate a clear vision and inspire others to follow this course. The Predictive Index can help identify and further develop the Principal, enhance leadership styles in the Head Mistress & Academic Heads and also help in further improving communication with teachers.
  • Management- The best managers are made, not born. With the Predictive Index, School Managers are better equipped with the insight they need to communicate with their employees to get results. Job Satisfaction– Since job satisfaction and customer satisfaction are closely entwined, it is more important than ever to have the right person in the right job. The Predictive Index can help make sure that the teacher’s morale and commitment stay high. Productivity– Time is money and the organization that works most efficiently stands to grow most profitably. With the Predictive Index, School Management will know more about the way their teachers work and how to maximize productivity.
  • Recruitment/Selection- Many candidates, one vacancy. The Predictive Index can help the Principal and Interview Board make sure the right teacher is selected for the right job.
  • Strategic Planning- Where is the organization headed? How will it get there? Who will drive the initiatives? The Predictive Index can show you how to match individual skills and future organization needs.



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