List of Indian startups which got acquired by global companies in 2014


List of Indian startups which got acquired by global companies

Twitter acquired Zipdail for Rs. 186 – Rs. 248 crore: ZipDial enables global brands to engage with 100% of their consumers. Its patent-pending consumer intelligence platform drives solutions such as couponing, friend referrals, on-pack activations and more. Every one of ZipDail’s clients including P&G, Disney and Colgate have 2 to 5 times more unique users engaging on ZipDial than on any social network.

Yahoo! Inc. bought Bookpad for Rs. 93 crore: Bookpad developed Docspad which brings document embedding and annotations to user’s app.

Sophos acquired Cyberoam for Rs. 434 crore – Rs. 496 crore: The company offers User Identity-based network security in its Next-Generation Firewalls/ Unified Threat Management appliances, allowing visibility and granular control into WHO is accessing WHAT in business networks.

Ebix Inc. acquired HealthcareMagic for Rs. 111 crore: HealthcareMagic is a consumer-centric health company founded to transform how people approach their health and wellness. HealthcareMagic is now the largest website where people get answers from Doctors, around the world, around the clock.

Facebook acquired Little Eye Labs for Rs. 68 crore: Little Eye Labs builds mobile app analysis tools for app developers and testers. These tools provide detailed insights about the behavior of the app, enabling easy benchmarking and optimization of resources.

Cadence acquired Cosmic Circuits for Rs. 385 crore: Company developed, licensed and marketed differentiated analog and mixed signal Semiconductor IP cores for use on System-on-Chips.

Equifax acquired NettPositive for undisclosed amount: Company provides analytics and business intelligence solutions to the financial services, insurance, retail and telecommunications industries in India, the Middle East and Africa.

Autodesk acquired Pramati for undisclosed amount: Founded as a web technology company, Pramati cut its teeth in enterprise-class web infrastructure technology. The Pramati Application Server was its flagship product that hit the market along with offerings from BEA Systems, IBM and Oracle.

Red Hat acquired Gluster for Rs. 844 crore: GlusterFS is an open source, distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes (actually, 72 brontobytes!) and handling thousands of clients. GlusterFS clusters together storage building blocks over Infiniband RDMA or TCP/IP interconnect, aggregating disk and memory resources and managing data in a single global namespace.



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