Fortis Healthcare, The Next Generation Hospital

Fortis Healthcare Limited is a leading, pan Asia-Pacific, integrated healthcare delivery provider. The healthcare verticals of the company span diagnostics, primary care, day care specialty and hospitals, with an asset base in 11 countries, many..

Woodland, Explore More

Founded in Quebec, Canada, over twenty five years ago, Woodland has grown to be recognized internationally as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of extreme weather outdoor gear and outerwear. Woodland offers an extensive line..

HCG, The Specialist in Cancer Care

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd, The Specialist in Cancer Care headquartered in Bangalore, India is the only dedicated cancer care network with quality care across 25 centres. It gives hope to over 100,000 new patients every..

Mahagun, A name that performs

Mahagun Group is an organization of zealous engineers and space planers, rich in experience and high on commitment, which has helped the group to sustain professional excellence for more than 4 decades. The Group is..

Amrapali Group, Developing India

A well constructed, luxurious home in a prime location with modern amenities and a comfortable lifestyle – what more could you ask for? This and more is offered by the Amrapali Group, one of the..

Knee-slapper Facebook Statuses!

Bewildering mix of relatively Cut-and-dried Facebook statuses you don’t wanna miss. Copy it, comment it, we won’t stop you. One more breaking news, ITS UPDATED DAILY, come tomorrow… A fashion freak Punjaban was walking by..

Shangri-La Hotel is now in Mumbai

Discovering heartfelt hospitality in Mumbai, which goes beyond words, The new edition Shangri-La Hotel which is Hong Kong based company get things rolling in Mumbai. Address: 462, Senapati Bapat Mark, Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400013, India..

Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Chocolates

1. LE CHOCOLATE BOX Price: $1.5million (₹ 8.17 crore) 2. SWAROVSKI-STUDDED CHOCOLATE Price: $10,000 (₹ 5.45 lacs) 3. FRITZ KNIPSCHILDT’S CHOCOPOLAGIE Price: $2,600 (₹ 1.41 lacs) 4. WISPA GOLD CHOCOLATE Price: $1,628 (₹ 88,779) 5. NOKA VINTAGES..

India’s first BB cream

Conscious about your skin, Garnier is here for rescue with a miracle skin perfector, a all-in-one daily moisturiser. They have 2 letters for instant perfect skin, i.e. BB. What is BB cream? A new generation..

Quit smoking and tobacco with Nicorette

  Resolution for 2013: I promise to quit smoking or to chew tobacco from tomorrow. Your New Year resolution is now for keeps. Nicorette gives more power to your willpower with Nicorette’s 12 Week Quit..

What are Sat phere?

Sat phere or seven circumambulations are taken after making seven rounds around a holy fire. So here are those seven vachan: 1. First round: If you want to become my wife then won’t meet any other..

DLF: The Skycourt

With an unusual advertisement on Times of India this morning DLF showcased its another property. Feel the comfort with your loved ones under  the sky with your personal deck-like balconies  is what DLF (Delhi Land &..

Every age requires physical activity

To maintain their activity level while improvement in age children should be regular on workout. 10-18 years While exercising on this age, natural growth becomes quick and keeps fat away. At this age activities like, running, swimming..

Try to be happy with yourself

Life is short. Try to understand yourself at a right time. Take risk. Find time to laugh, cry, learn etc. Lets not pass time and learn some few more thing… Raise your voice for the..

4 mistakes while searching a job

1. Check spelling Managers who review bio-data often complaints that people often send their bio-data without reading them. So, you should check your bio-data that its readable or not, you can use Microsoft Office which offers spell-check and thesaurus…

Mix and Match your dresses!

  These days, wearing different colors and mix matching them is very much in fashion. Perfecting the colors combination and it will be helpful for your formal or casual outings. Not even clothes, accessories,  sandals..

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