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It is fine to drive a car. This is so much more. It is the Contemporary Urban Vehicle (CUV). With adventure built into its DNA, it transports you to another level of driving experience. Its aggressive styling, sturdy roof rails and alloy wheels arrest your attention. And don’t miss the especially-designed high ground clearance and the rear-mounted spare wheel. Everything about the Fiat Avventura compels you to live the exciting life you seek, and in a package as classy as this. Could you ask for more?

Seen in the picture is Zafferano Orange color of Avventura. The spare wheel mounted on the back looks good – you can’t deny it. The plus, it does not eat into your valuable boot space. Your comfort zone to keep pace with your sense for the good life. Its dashboard with a defiant dab of color, 60:40 rear split seats to give you more space to play with – it packs in everything you need as you enjoy the thrill of the way. The new Avventura comes with airbags and early crash sensors that detect a crash, then activate the airbags and restraints at the exact moment and not an instant later.

Available in two engines, Multi-Jet (Diesel) – This award-winning compact diesel engine powers over 6 million cars worldwide. With improved performance, better fuel efficiency and smoother ride, it is a benchmark for engines AND F.I.R.E Petrol – The petrol engine is behind the power-packed CUV you rely on to climb the steepest inclines and take the toughest roads. In diesel the company claims 20.5 kmpl and in petrol you can get 14.4 kmpl.

Price: Rs. 6.44 lakhs to Rs. 8.49 lakhs

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