Kozhikode collector attacked by Sand Mafia


Moronic sand mafia disrupted on Kozhikode district collector K V Mohan Kumar after he tried to stop a truck to unload the sand on the vehicle. The team  made an exclusive escape even after the truck registered as KL/7/5837 geared up. Later it was found reckless near Mankavu. This whole scene took place around 3:30am, when Mohan and his team were sticking around Feroke bridge.  Their mind was to block the way but later they ended up chasing them.

Entering into the filmy chase, the truck driver even emptied the sand on their way when he saw that Mohan and his team are really close. Police later button down the squad as Rasiq Kapoor of Mankavu and A Ashiq of Olavanna. Owner is still on search list named as Naoshad Ali of Malappuram.

Take care of yourself Mr. Mohan.

Dec 10, 2012 at 3:17pm



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