Two killed for noisy birthday party


A shooting intructor in southern France didn’t appreciated the b’day party of his neighbors and ended up killing two people plus wounding two others.

Aged 49, he is an instructor at a shooting range, he went to his downstairs in the town of Sete and asked politely, mate can you turn down the music, but these healthy party guys declined his proposal, after that he even threatened, “I am going to go home and I’ll be back to kill you,” according to  local prosecutor Brice Robin.

As promised, at 2:00 am, the instructor fall into the neighbors  apartment and gifted the b’day boy by pulling the trigger.

Then they realized this person is a real man and to save their ass they ran to hallway and others to the street. The gunman wounded three men and a woman, said Robin. Those who experienced death from these injured people were a 42-year-old man and 36-year-old.

Gunman  later surrendered easily and said that he was on medication. He has to woke up at 4:00am everyday for his job.

Well, next time you party hard and your neighbor doesn’t appreciated, try to invite him too.

Image Credit: Anushrut Mukherjee

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