Kid drives a Ferrari F430 in Kerela


Kid drives a Ferrari F430 in Kerela

This happens only in India, the phrase seems to get attached with this act very nicely. Even we were shocked when we came to know that the kid was driving that Ferrari F430 in Kerela, India.

We would rather like to call Limca Record Team to check whether its a record in India for a kid driving a supercar. You see his father must be filming the video and his mother too was filming the video, his friends are jumping along while he drive by, it all seems to be a movie scene, but no no, we said No, it actually happened or it maybe happening everyday in Sobha City at Thrissur, Kerela. His best friend got the chance to sit in the passenger seat.

It also seems that Sobha City is enjoying its viral publicity with a kid driving a Ferrari in their township, or its the Ferrari who is getting famous between the kids. Anything it maybe, we just purely loved this video.

*The road was not public, so, if you are thinking to let your son drive your Lamborghini next morning, better find a closed road.


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