June 2015 Prediction By Tarot Master, Pooja Mathhur


June 2015 Prediction By Tarot Master, Pooja Mathhur

ARIES (21/3 – 19/4)

This month will be mixture of Fun, Work & Outing. It shows that you will rush towards any important decisions. All pending work will get completed in this month. It is showing shift of residence & possibility of new job or business. Money wise you are going to spend more in this month. There are high chances for students to go abroad for studies. Be cautious while driving. There are powerful psychological energies at play & your life could change dramatically.

For entire one full week eat Red Apple to balance your financial needs.

Dates: 3, 5, and 9                   Color: Red & Blue


This is very fortunate month as you are going to channelize all your fresh energies for work, business & relationships. Old pattern of your life will be diminished & you will move towards something new & different. This is the great time for signing deals. Around the middle of the month there are significant encounters with people from all walks of life & there are several profitable social interactions. There is a love & longing & you will take ecstasy to new heights.

Wear Amethyst ring in your right finger.

Dates: 23, 26, and 29                           Color: white & blue  

GEMINI(21/5 – 21/6)

This month there is a purpose in whatever you do. It is showing short trip to your favorite destination which will be very enjoyable with your family. There could be profitable travel, celebrations and festivities. You are selfless & want to live an act in accordance with a higher consciousness. Be cautious about digestion problems.

Keep Dry Haldi in one piece of paper & let that paper with you only all the time.

Dates: 7, 11                                     Color: Yellow

CANCER (22/6 – 22/7)

There is good news coming regarding job, new business & new relationship. House renovation is on the cards. You have to watch your mood swings & your temper tantrums. You are often misunderstood for your behavior. As the month ends you will have to get used to changes that you hadn’t envisaged. Relationships & work front are in the prime focus. Health needs attention. There is a possibility of good return in investment.

Take 5 Kamal-gatta & place into near your bedroom.    

Dates: 6,9,11                                 Color: Pista green

LEO (23/7 – 22/8)

This month is showing a waiting period for your important issues. Since last month, your energies have shifted & even in this month also it is showing little ups-downs. You have to maintain your courage & strength to overcome obstacles. But after 15th, it is showing a lot of shift in your consciousness. There is a powerful intensity. By mid month your monkey-mind is on over drive. New vistas open up dramatically & it is showing a period of Love also.

Do meditate on your chakras to balance your energies.

Dates: 10, 8                                                 Color: Orange

VIRGO (23/8 – 22/9)

This entire month your focus will be on money related issue. All disputes on property & money will move positively this month. You will get good return of ancestor’s property. Be careful & avoid arguments with relatives for money. Relations with women regardless of gender will unusually powerful. There is a physical travel, hectic social networking & several very intense emotional experiences. Towards the month end there are love triangles, circles & squares as you get entangled in the mash of the life.

Apply White Chandan everyday on the forehead.

Dates: 9, 18, and 23                                    Color: dark Brown & shade of green  

LIBRA (23/9 – 22/10)

There is a lot of scattered energy related to work, relationship & money. You will not get it into any clarity about most important issue of your life. But help is coming on your way through your female friend. It is a very slow phase of life in this month, so please pay attention to your legs. There are travel & family meetings & you will dazzle others with your achievements. As the month ends, there are opportunities for spiritual growth as you meet with Guru or God man.

Offer Yellow Dal or Haldi at any temple on every Thursday.

Dates: 21, 22, and 17                                                    Color: Violet

SCORPIO (23/10 – 21/11)

You will need a lot of guidance & clarity to choose what is best for you. It even shows very nice trip with family where you will enjoy a lot. There is a business opportunity from other destination. Release all your old pattern & free yourself from past bondage. There is a lot of movement & by mid month you have to take care of your health & relationships. Don’t take any risks as Saturn is in your own sign & be cautious about relationships also.

Keep Rose at least for 7 days under your pillow to heal all your past memories.

Dates: 9, 10                                                             Color: Violet

SAGITTARIUS (22/11 – 21/12)

This month also you have to wait for all your pending issues. Don’t be in a hurry. You have to tackle the situation very wisely & calmly. It shows little ups n downs in financial matters also. Be cautious with issues related to mussels. Avoid unnecessary arguments with spouse. There are issues and job concerns that will confront you. There are social get together, picnics and outings.

Keep Bay – Leaf under your pillow when you sleep.

Dates: 14, 22, and 12                                   Color: Brown

CAPRICORN ( 22/12 – 19/1 )

There is a lot of hidden mystery in your financial aspects & relationship issues. You will suddenly get financial wind. Work wise it is showing little delay. Social get together & family weddings & festivals are on cards. Don’t intervene in any family issues. Relationship with spouse will improve. There is creativity & love, moonlight & roses. Your mind is working in a trillion ways during the middle of the month as you meet people, reach out & network furiously. There is also a love seeking you out.

Avoid black color on Saturday.

Dates: 2, 9                                        Color: Amethyst (Navy Blue)

AQUARIOUS (20/1 – 18/2)

This month will be totally on financial matters as you are going to jump into the financial pool. There is a chance of opening up financial channels & there is a lot of help from destiny. But do investments with lot of wise & alertness or else there is a chance that somebody will cheat you. There are transformation, expansion, & spiritual awakening. Your intrinsic idealism is aroused by the middle of the month. As the month ends you are impatient & rebellious. There are many emotional movements when you sleep up & go under.

On Saturday offer sarson ka tel & black til to Hanuman ji.

Dates: 17,6,9                                      Color: Sky Blue

PIECES (19/2 – 20/3)

This month is very good for balancing work, job, finance & relationship. You will get promotion or recognition in your job. Take you own decisions regarding family issues. Release all past pain & move forward with better aspect of your life. You are ambitious & want to be renowned. There are medical emergencies, travel, & many domestic demands & even disagreements from the partners. You also want to escape the hurly-burly of life. Listen to music or watch the classic movies.

Walk over green grass in the morning for entire this month.

Dates: 15, 6, and 3                                                Color: Cream  

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