July 2015 Prediction By Tarot Master, Pooja Mathhur


July 2015 Prediction By Tarot Master, Pooja Mathhur

Predictions by Pooja Mathhur ( Tarot Master Consultant)
For the Month July 2015 

Aries (21/3-19/4)

There could be festivities in the family, meetings and many trips down memory lane. There are new assignments & foreign travels too. Some important & good news are going to come, so wait for that. There is a fire & intensity in your life. There are wings fall & u can experience new love also. Universe will provide you everything for everything you ask.

ANGEL MESSAGE: – There is a new beginning and a fresh start for opportunities & support. Release all your Past & Trust on God.

Taurus (20/4-20/5)

There is a huge concern regarding family life. Family matters are pre-dominant in this phase. Personal relationships run into troubles. There would be paper-work, business deals & negotiations. Play your cards very wisely as there is a chance, as you might get into a trap. Be careful & cautious regarding health issues. Business 7 work proposals will show lucrative offers. So check & choose wisely.

ANGEL MESSAGE: – Your inner guidance is real & trustworthy. So keep your ego out of the way, so your wisdom can come streaming out of you.


This month it shows a lot of responsibilities & karmic issues will get released. You will again restart your life. You could be scattered & wanting to be everywhere all the time. There could be also unnecessary expenses & several emotional challenges. Many domestic issues need to be sorted out. There are Love & Lust, Money & Honey also. Be cautious about over-eating.

ANGEL MESSAGE: – Whatever you have created, you have the power to change it. So ask help from Angels & God to release the situation & Manifest what you will require in your Life.


There is a possibility of new relationship, good news or new birth in the family. Any issues related to money & job will be solved this month. Investments will be fruitful. You may spend time in viewing your progress. The flip side is that by the middle of the month, your emotions are at peak & your sensitivities will also arouse & there is a lot on the platter related to Love. You will be taking short break from routine & will be recharged & rejuvenated.

 ANGEL MESSAGE: – You are on the right path & call on Angels to give you clear guidance , related to motivations & health.

Leo (23/7-22/8)

There are ego-drives, tempers & tantrums & you will get irritable & argumentive & sensitive. You could also be cold & competitive & ruthless also. By mid-month emotional moments & intimate one to one encounters & you will come to know truth related to your soul. Don’t hold unto Past experiences & there are chances of travel indicated to business. You have to be very focused on viewing & justifying your actions.

ANGEL MESSAGE: Don’t lose your innocence & faith in God. Be in peace.


This month you will dwell into confusions regarding your options of money & educations, so opt for the best choice & have faith in it. You will have a lot of hope, aspirations in this month & will look for the best things as your intuition is powerful & you could make some magical moves. This is a great period for important business negotiations & you will give grab an important business deal. After 15th July, it is a good period for heavy mental work.

ANGEL MESSAGE:- You are always guided & protected by Angels & so, who has fear about protection, don’t worry, angels are helping you.

Libra (23/9-22/10)

This month requires lot of strength & courage to heal all your past traumas in your life. God is about to give you something great which you deserve & you will be very happy to receive that. There is a lot on your platter & you will be looking at expanding your views. You are moving at furious speed & this is an excellent time for making plans & creativities.

ANGEL MESSAGE :- Focus upon your Divine & perfect Health & be cautious about your health issues. 


There is a shift in your energies. Old stressed energies are going to die, even old thought-patterns & emotions are going to die & you will be more focused & cautious about your actions. You are going to enjoy this month money wise, but please take care about what you eat. There is more stability & you tie-up loose ends. There is a powerful energy for making big plans & rapid work expansion. There are also Love & Losses & Bonding & Separations in this month.

ANGEL MESSAGE: – Take your time to make decisions. Angels are helping you in making these decisions which are very important for your Life. So please take your time & Decide.

Sagittarius (22/11-21/12)

This month you will feel a strong need for Guidance in property related issues. Work wise also you will feel up-downs. There will be a gossip in your family regarding your personal issues. You will go spiritually very high & will have complete faith on God & will surrender to him completely. There are domestic issues & job concerns which will confront you & new vistas will be opened up dramatically & so new relationship also. There will be social get-together also & picnics & outgoings also.

ANGEL MESSAGE: – Decide to be Happy now & open your heart for Joy & Bliss & see all goodness in your life.

Capricorn (22/12-19/1)

This month is going to be a little hectic to handle professional as well as money issues. You will be little harsh on your expenses & feel a need of more money. Be cautious from the person who is your collogue. You may even consider moving to another country. The energies of this moment are very powerful, use it well. Your emotions are at peak & you desire strong emotional contacts.

ANGEL MESSAGE:- Angels are guiding you to write about your thoughts & feelings to whom it may be concern.

Aquarius (20/1-18/2)

This month will be very fruitful for you. As your energies will be opened up to new ventures & business, which will connect to various destinations. There is a strong indication for getting into perfect relationship. There could be international travels & home away from home. There could be marriages, family get-togethers & celebrations of all kinds. You are going to dazzle with the brilliance of your genius.

ANGEL MESSAGE: Angels are saying that use your energies for the healing work.

Pieces (19/2-20/3)

This month shows that you have to keep lot of strength & courage to release past hurts & negative bonding. You will get a nice gift from your partner & loved ones & that will be happy moment for you. Come out of all of your past traps & heal yourself. There is a love & several heart breaks too. But you are at your creative & adventurous best. There is stability & you will see new directions in your life.

ANGEL MESSAGE: -: God is in charge & so let go of any situation which is making you feel hurt. So surrender yourself to God.

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