Journey of Sheena Boll as Dhol Queen in London, UK


Journey of Sheena Boll as Dhol Queen in London, UK

Sheena Boll is a sensational dhol player in the UK. She has won the hearts of millions of people. Her Punjabi dhol Bhangra talent has brought her in limelight. She is highly recognized person and holds an image of incomparable dhol player

Sheena Boll belongs to a Punjabi family settled in the UK. Her parents Ajit Singh Boll and Gurbachan Kaur Boll migrated to UK IN 1970. She belongs to a very loving family who follows traditional values.
When Sheena Boll placed her interest as a Punjabi dhol player, her parents raised no objection. They cared for the emotions and sentiments of their daughter. They immediately responded in positive and gave her permission to go ahead with her interest.

Sheens Boll is born and brought up in the UK but she adheres to ethical values and morale that she inherited from her parents. Her love for Punjabi culture gives her a feeling of Desi girl. She gives whole sole credit to her family for the name and fame that she is enjoying now.

She started practicing dhol dedicatedly and devotedly. Her deep interest in it made dhol as her passion. The sound of dhol excited her and took her to drive on with her passion as a dhol Bhangra Punjabi.
Sheena Boll started her career as a Punjabi Dhol Queen for 17 years ago. Initially, she started participating in community events like the annual Baisakhi Nagar Kirtan as well as innumerable cultural functions, including one stellar show at the Millennium Dome.

Just in less than a year of her public performances, she hit international news of playing dhol from Mundeaya to bachke rahi. This video enjoys 60,000 shares and nearly 2 million viewers. She is actually beauty with brains and so calls for much more admiration. Sheena Bol has got a photogenic face and Photo of Sheena Boll speaks it. Sheena is down to Earth person and doesn’t,t take air to any of her assets. She loves to be a simple person.

She has gained immense popularity as a Dhol player professionally. Her fan list as a solo artist has touched the figure of 30,000. This number is continuously growing.

She loves to perform at social events and celebrity events from all over the world

Her belief that dhol helps to forget all the troubles and creates a liveliness in an individual motivated her to star t playing dhol. She loves to see smiles on the face of people and so feels elated to see them dancing in tune with the dhol beats.

So, the right direction given to a talent with dedication can give miraculous results. An individual needs to understand his potential and move in accordance. The success will not be away from him.

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