Jammu & Kashmir floods: Over 3 lakh LPG cylinders made available


Jammu & Kashmir floods Over 3 lakh LPG cylinders made available  (2)

Srinagar, 18 September 2014: The Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas has taken several measures to ensure availability of essential petroleum products in the aftermath of floods in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The availability of fuel (petrol, diesel and LPG) is normal in Jammu division.

The situation in Srinagar division is challenging and efforts are being made to ensure that adequate fuel is made available in the division. In order to improve supply of petroleum products in Srinagar, Oil Marketing Companies have made available 33296 LPG cylinders, 1807 KL of Petrol and 3783 KL of Diesel in Srinagar. In addition, 54804 LPG cylinders, 1661KL Petrol and 3292 KL of Diesel are in transit to Srinagar via Jammu Srinagar Highway NH-1A, via the alternative Kishtwar-Sinthan Top route and via the Leh-Srinagar route.

There are 201 Retail Outlets in Srinagar Division, out of which 171 Retail Outlets are functional. The Private LPG Bottling Plant at Srinagar is operational. The LPG plant of HPCL in Srinagar is inundated with water. Hence, additional LPG cylinders are being bottled at the Bottling Plants of IOCL and HPCL at Jammu. Arrangements for additional bulk LPG supply to feed these Bottling Plants at Jammu and for trucks to transport the cylinders from Jammu to Srinagar have been made.

Two 2400 GPM John Deere pumps sent by ONGC are running efficiently in two shifts in Rajbagh area and 4 pumps (2 of capacity 1800 LPM and another 2 of capacity 275 LPM) sent from ONGC, Dehradun are running round the clock at BadamiBagh area in Srinagar.

Jammu & Kashmir floods Over 3 lakh LPG cylinders made available  (1)




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