Its the dream of developing Gwalior to retain the youth: Chhaparwal


Its the dream of developing Gwalior to retain the youth Chhaparwal (1)

ANAND MOHAN CHHAPARWAL, M.D. Dindayal Industries

Dindayal City Mall has been a life changing experience for Gwaliorites and many others. Obviously we were distracted and enquired Mr. Chhaparwal, who was the man behind this change 

Are you surprised by the continued success of DD mall?

It was well thought & well expected. I was having full confidence of Gwaliorites. There was a definite need of such type of place. But I am definitely surprised to see the rapid change in cultural life if Gwaliorites.

How will DD mall of 2017 be different from the DD mall of today?

DD mall will be more vibrant, more meaningful after 5 years. More attraction such as lightning, showrooms for electronic appliances and colourful events with improved décor and facilities.

What are the 2-3 key milestones for DD mall in next 12-18 months?

Improved sitting facilities and ambience. We have planned to introduce new ventures in lifestyle products such as gym, spa, and saloon. In terms of eateries we’ll bring Chinese, continental and a fast food restaurant, KFC.

What were the challenges being faced by you before opening a first ever mall in Gwalior? As it was a unfamiliar market.

No one in the region believed that mall can be successful in this belt because of the earlier pattern of lifestyle, spending powers and habits of local people. To bring international and national brand to this place was a herculean task. Lots of brainstorming was done with the brand owners for putting their outlet in Gwalior City Mall.

Will DD mall make the ‘affordable shop’ model work in the current environment of high land costs?

I don’t think shops are not affordable. Cost of a shop is many times more in a local market. And as compared to occasional expenses such as air conditioning, marketing, foot fall, security is much cheaper in DD mall as compared to independent shops.

Why does an average development in India take 4-5years to build and deliver, while larger projects in Singapore and Hong Kong are delivered in two years?

The project of DD mall was launched in the June 2005, after incorporation of Fun Cinemas we started the project. After permission in November 2005 construction started and it was completed in June 2008. Merely in two and a half years the mall was completed. This delay also occurred because of all the facilities were outsourced other than Gwalior.

How did you find out about City mall?

Our family has been in Gwalior from past 250 years and we observed that youth in Gwalior doesn’t prefer to stay here; they were not getting the required environment and culture in the city. So we started the dream of developing the Gwalior to retain the youth and crowd from other cities.

How did you start your career?

I studied from Indian reputed, Banaras Hindu University. Then after completing my studies, I started my own business, for marketing I travelled all around the country and observed a speedy growth everywhere, whereas our city was going backward.

How did you enter this business?

We joined hands with my own friend who was already in this line, Atma Ram Gupta of ARG Developers.

How is your experience of working in different sectors?

Working in multiple sectors is always useful and to me it has been very profitable as funds continue to flow and resources are employed optimally in diverse fields.

What is the philosophy of a successful businessman in your view?

Working tirelessly with the collaboration of your trusted business partners and sincere employees and availing yourself of every opportunity. You need to work with people so it is very important to distribute responsibilities in your organization wisely and rightly in order to obtain better and long-term results, which actually make a business-man successful in every field and country.

Its the dream of developing Gwalior to retain the youth Chhaparwal (3)

Dindayal City Mall, Gwalior

Being a boss, how do you evaluate the performance of Gwalior’s human resource?

Well, the performance of our citizens is good as they are hardworking and talented, capable of working day and night despite unfavourable working situations. Further, your encouragement inculcates a sense of participation among your employees and their input becomes inevitably fruitful for the organization as they assume that this is their own organization. I don’t have to give too many directions to my employees because workers from top to bottom work honestly and independently without any fear.

What are the qualities of a good boss?

A good boss must be a good human being and know the needs and potential of his subordinates. He should take good care of his workers and treat them as stakeholders in his business. A boss should be a role model for his employees. So I still work hard till late to complete the work. I am always punctual and meet the deadlines. I try my level best to satisfy my clients and business partners.

What are your business goals in future?

I have achieved more than I had thought in my life. We have our original ayurvedic medicine manufacturing line, we want to go ahead to develop this line, in current scenario with modern lifestyle.

What is the strongest point of your personality?

I believe in the proverb “honesty is the best policy”. I am honest with others and want others to be honest with me.

What is the weakest point of your personality?

I will not accept lies and dishonesty as this makes trouble for people and your business eventually.

How do you spend your leisure time?

I spend my time with my family members and friends. I also like watching TV and reading.

What are your favourite books or TV programmes?

I am an avid reader of novels and magazines. I like talk shows, reality shows, sports channels and manage time to watch my favourite shows on TV.

Can you tell us the latest car launch this month?

Maruti Suzuki is planning an 800cc diesel engine and Audi launched its latest SUV, Q3.

What’s your current favourite driving music?

I usually tune in to FM.

What do you think of Mr. Shivraj Singh Chauhan?

He is a person from the village; this understands the problem of masses. He is a very simple and kind hearted CM, and a lot of desire for the betterment of the city.

Tell me about your social life?

I have been associated to JCI, Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce, Bharat Vikas Parsihad and lots of other social communities.

Other associations:

  • CHAIRPERSON Industrial Cell, BJP, Madhya Pradesh.
  • FORMER PRESIDENT Gwalior Industry Association.
  • PRESIDENT Maheshwari Shiksha Samiti

One message to our readers?

Let’s join our hands together and take Gwalior to a new height.



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