Interview: Amit Shankar the author of three published books


Interview Amit Shankar the author of three published books (3)Amit Shankar is the author of three books, Flight of Hilsa, Chapter Eleven and Love is Vodka, which were published by Vitasta Publications.  He is not only an author but has been working in the advertising industry for quite some time. He writes novels which are both entertaining and thought- provoking. In conversation with him to know more about him, his books and his future plans.

Tell us something about yourself. Also about the three books you have written.

A loner, drifter, with whimsical ways and volatile temper. I am a bag of contradictions. You never know what to expect from me.

Interview Amit Shankar the author of three published books (2)

Flight of Hilsa

Flight of the Hilsa happened on a houseboat in Kerala. It was a very different plot and story which tried to demystify happiness. A lot of women have loved the book and have expressed how it helped them in taking some long pending decisions. The second title ‘Chapter 11’ was aimed at revealing the underbelly of the glistening corporate façade. Also, it was an effort to draw parallel between our bankrupt society and the MNC culture. My third one ‘Love is Vodka, A Shot Aint Enough.’ is a story of teenage quandary, apprehension and the eternal pursuit of love.

What is easy writing or creating a concept for an advertisement?

Good advertisements and good fiction both require immense discipline, talent and perseverance. My advertising awards and smiling readers prove that I have done both quite well.

Most debuts have familiarity with the author. Out of the three books, which character would be closest to you?

None. I never  build any character around myself or people close to me. Cause I know that if I do I would get biased. Therefore, all my characters are demand of the plot. They come and go with the title. Being a restless guy, I get bored very fast. Therefore, characters don’t last with me.

Interview Amit Shankar the author of three published books (1)

Chapter Eleven

Coming from a feudal setup, I always saw women as an epitome of sacrifice and patience. This made me respect them more and side up with them. Also, women in my life have been a driving force. From my grand mother to mother, English teacher to few of my bosses, all of them have inspired me. Also, it is the role of women in our society which makes me tilt towards them. I believe that even after all the talks of liberation, our society is still biased towards them. They are so much more than a man. They deserve so much more. Dedicating my books to them is just a small way of showing my respect towards them.

And yes, it is pretty tough writing like a woman, from her perspective. When readers and reviewers congratulate me for doing the same with panache, I feel elated.

Interview Amit Shankar the author of three published books (1)

Love is Vodka

Wuthering Heights for its craft

If not a writer or in advertising, what would you like to be?

Maybe a rock star. If not, a bar musician for sure.

Our readers would like to know what is in store for them after Love is Vodka.

Something very different.



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