Indiabulls, Quality. On Time


Indiabulls, Quality. On Time

In middle of 1999, when e-commerce was just about starting in India, Sameer Gehlaut and his close IIT Delhi friend Rajiv Rattan got together and bought a defunct securities company with a NSE membership and started offering brokerage services . A Few months later, their friend Saurabh Mittal also joined them. By December 1999, the company embarked on its journey to build one of the first online platforms in India for offering internet brokerage services. In January 2000, the 3 founders incorporated Indiabulls Financial Services and made it as the flagship company.

Today, Indiabulls Group has a networth of Rs 19,320 Crore & has a strong presence in important sectors like financial services, power & real estate through independently listed companies and Indiabulls Group continues its journey of building businesses with strong cash flows.

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Website: Indiabulls


Indiabulls, Quality. On Time

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