In INR 3 crore, Sundaram Motors is Mercedes-Benz’s third outlet in South India


In INR 3 crore, Sundaram Motors is Mercedes-Benz's third outlet in South India (3)

Madurai, 13 December 2014: Mercedes-Benz India today inaugurated the world class dealership of Sundaram Motors in Madurai. A record 14th outlet inauguration by the Three Pointed Star in 2014 further reiterate sthe brand’s claim of providing ‘The best or nothing’ to its customers in Tier II and III cities across the country. The result of the brand’s qualitative network expansion strategy and constant endeavor of creating unique luxury destination for its discerning customers, the new dealership is located at South Veli Street, Madurai and was inaugurated by Eberhard Kern, Managing Director and CEO, Mercedes-Benz India and Sharath Vijayaraghavan, Executive Director, Sundaram Motors.

Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India said: “Mercedes-Benz India has successfully pursued its ‘Year of Excellence’ strategy in 2014 and the inauguration of this 14th outlet this year is a testament of this success. We have launched 10 products this year and also further extended our presence across India and the results are showcased through our growth. We look to end the year on a high and look to take the momentum to the next year.”
“Sundaram Motors has been associated with the brand for over a decade and are committed to the brand’s pledge of creating unparalleled luxury experience for our discerning customers. In our endeavor to reach closer to our customers both in metros as well in tier II and III cities, our dealer partners play a very important role, by investing in facilities like these. We are confident that Sundaram Motors will create more value for our ever increasing customer base in Madurai and adjoining markets.” Kern further added.

In INR 3 crore, Sundaram Motors is Mercedes-Benz's third outlet in South India (1)

As part of the ‘Year of Excellence’ strategy, Mercedes-Benz further enhanced its dominant position in the market with the inauguration of its fourth outlet in Tamil Nadu. Located at 211, South Veli Street, Madurai the dealership is spread over 10,000 sq. ft. The state-of-art showroom has a 5 car display, a luxurious Customer Lounge, a Cafeteria and Boutique Display which are aimed at providing a superlative luxury car purchase experience for the discerning customers.
Designed and created to provide a fascinating Mercedes-Benz experience for customers, the new facility has optimum visibility and presence in the area and is conveniently located for customers. The world-class Service Center will provide patrons a complete luxury ownership experience. The dealership has a qualified and experienced team of 21 committed personnel ensuring a hassle free and unmatched experience to the customers.

Sharath Vijayaraghavan, Executive Director, Sundaram Motors, said, “Our association with the iconic Three Pointed Star makes us proud and we are only delighted to take this association further with the inauguration of this state of art dealership. It gives us immense pleasure to present this world class dealership to our patrons in Madurai and provide them the unique attributes that brand Mercedes-Benz stands for globally. Over the years we have grown along with Mercedes-Benz and managed to create excellence in all our areas of operation. This new outlet is a reiteration of the pledge of providing an experience of excellence to our growing customer base in the region.”

The ‘Excellence in Network’ strategy of Mercedes-Benz translates to continuous endeavors in creating new avenues of customer fascination and delight. It means creating new benchmarks in terms of modern luxury and driving innovations. One-of-its kind initiatives are being implemented across dealerships guided by Mercedes-Benz India in enhancing this environment of ‘Excellence’ and to create an experience of modern luxury. All the five human senses of Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and Taste are directly and very uniquely addressed in the dealerships through carefully chosen elements which impress upon these senses. These essentially aim at bringing in the feeling of exclusivity and also impresses upon the customers and prospects an environment that spells modern luxury. The fascinating elements of impressing the five Senses of a Patron create uniqueness in terms of universal experience across all Mercedes-Benz dealerships.

In INR 3 crore, Sundaram Motors is Mercedes-Benz's third outlet in South India (1)

Eberhard Kern MD & CEO Mercedes-Benz India with Sharath Vijayaraghavan ED Sundaram Motors



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