In-detail: Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today


Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (2)

Gwalior, 28 November 2014: Voting from 7 am to 5 pm in 135 civic bodies | Voting in zone of 1 corporation, 6 municipality and 17 council | Result will be declared on 4 December

In-detail Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (2)

Congress Mayor Candidate: Dr. Darshan Singh

In-detail Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (1)

BJP Mayor Candidate: Vivek Shejwalkar

Today  is the voting for 135 civic bodies in state from 7 am to 5 pm. Result will be declared on 4 December. Including Gwalior 9 Municipal Corporation, 26 Municipality and 100 city councils are included. In the first phase mayor 60, president 603 and councillor 9662 candidates will get the judgement of their fortune. In this phase at 5573 polling stations 44,03,784 voters will utilize the power of their voting rights. While in Dabra, Aantri, Bhitarwar, Billaua, Pichhore voting will be held on 2 December.

First time use of NOTA- For the first time NOTA (None of the above) is being used in Municipal elections. There are lesser voters in wards due to small area. Therefore more buttons will be pressed for NOTA, which will bring unexpected results.

Source of income of Municipal: Property tax | Water tax | Building permit fees | Haat Market Recovery | Parking fees recovery | Rent of Municipal Market shops | State’s regular receipt | Tax loss amount | Grant of various schemes by Central Government

Work of Municipal: Under the development of city there are development of roads, development of sewage and drainage system and development of community features, hotel, parterre, shops and issuing license of kiosk, Issuance of building approvals, mutation, demolition of illegal construction, regularly build qualified buildings, city sanitation, waste management, street light management, disaster management (fire fighting service), capturing inferior animals, arrange to raise the dead animals, bringing insecure building in a secure state and maintenance of city’s historical monuments, development of raw townships, development of intersections and crossroads and development of tourism facilities.

Whose who honorarium: Rs. 6,000 honorarium, no government facility

  • Councillor has Rs. 6,000 monthly honorarium
  • Mayor has Rs. 11,000 monthly honorarium
  • Municipal moderation has Rs. 9,000 monthly honorarium
  • Per meeting mayor-councillor gets Rs. 225
  • Maximum for meetings in one month us Rs. 900

Reputation of titans of stake:

BJP- When last municipal election results are seen ruling party has more advantages.

Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (5)

Minister for Steel and Mines Narendra Singh Tomar

  • Narendra Singh Tomar, Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Narottam Mishra, Anup Mishra have challenge in front to save their reputation.
  • Due the ruling party this time during ticket allocation there was the most dissatisfaction in BJP.

Congress- Can get the benefit of anti-incumbency during the tenure of BJP Government.

Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (3)

Member of Parliament Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia

  • Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia along with other prominent leaders have the challenge to help Congress win in their area of stronghold.
  • After the biggest defeat in assembly and general election due to Modi wave, Congress doesn’t have anything much to lose.

Voting here in region

  • Municipal Corporation- Gwalior
  • Municipality- Bhind, Gohad, Datia, Sheopur, Ambah, Ashoknagar
  • City Council- Sevdha, Vijaypur, Badauda, Fuuf, Mihona, Lahar, Daboh, Jaura, Kolaras, Karera, Berad, Khaniyadhana, Chachauda, Binaganj, Kumbhraj, Mungawali, Shadaura


  • 8,91,809 voters in Gwalior in 66 ward
  • 4,84,490 males
  • 4,07,253 females
  • 421 candidates, 915 booth
  • 374 sentient booth
  • 4441 staff, 95 reserve team
  • More then 3500 security personnel will be posted
  • Total candidates- 13 Mayor and 408 Councillor

Law and order

  • Section 144- Potential to cause unrest or danger to peace and tranquillity
  • Ban on using mobile within 100 meter area of booth
  • 21 Gazetted officers
  • 66 sector magistrate
  • Assistance booth- To be made after 100 meter area from booth


  • 3500 policemen will organize peaceful elections
  • 800 policemen positioned at 386 sentient booths
  • 7203 people cabined for peace
  • 150 mobile party posted
  • 40 inspector went to election security

Most voters: Ward 18, Voters- 22,689, Area- Deendayal Nagar

Lowest voters- Ward 59, Voters- 6,247, Area- Jhansi Road

In-detail Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (7)

Voted: IG Adarsh Katiyar and Divisional Commissioner K.K. Khare

In-detail Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (10)

Voted: Collector P. Narahari with his wife Gita Narahari

In-detail Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today (11)

Voted: Disabled young man Sharad Rao arrived to vote

In-detail Municipal corporation elections in Gwalior today

The distribution of voting materials

Time to vote:



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