In conversation with Partha Saha the author of 244 Days


In conversation with Partha Saha the author of 244 Days (2)Partha Saha is the debutant author of 244 Days- A Life and an alumunus of Sikkim University and completing his post graduation from IIPM, New Delhi. In conversation with him about life, his book and how did it came into being.

Tell us something about you and about the book?

About 244 days – a life: The tag line of this novel is ‘ARE YOU A PATIENT OF LOVE?’ I exemplified the story of a patient of love. And this tag has developed based on that person.

You have said that it is based on your own story, when and how did this idea got conceptualised?

This novel has written seeing new modern love relations, mostly happening by Internet, by    friend’s suggestion, college mates, neighbors and the most important childhood friends. They fall in love either at an immature stage of life and they can’t handle it or with a lousy trend of changing partners they forget honesty and loyalty or clash just to maintain ego, attitude, sometimes to curb the long distance relationship, it gets split up. So I highlighted all the scenarios and with recommendations and suggestions. Hope everyb

ody can match their life with this story and will love to get beneficial.

In conversation with Partha Saha the author of 244 Days (1)

244 Days- A life, why 244 days? Can you tell us the back story for the title?

Regarding title, 244 DAYS – A LIFE. It was pretty undefined and merely given title. I counted the days of my relationship and got stuck on 244 days. A love relationship of just 244 days, obviously that girl had been in protagonist’s life from before but started counting only those days they spent as a couple.

The book is soon to be released, how are you feeling?

I am feeling very happy with wee nervousness thinking readers will like it or not, but I ensure myself somehow. Lets see how does it create impact. Hope for the best.

For our readers and the aspiring authors and your would-be readers, would you like to give a message?

Never being atwitter to think how can I do it, being atwitter to think I did this wow.



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