I feared McGrath & Muralitharan: Yuvraj Singh, opens cricket academy in Gwalior


I feared McGrath & Muralitharan Yuvraj Singh, opens cricket academy in Gwalior (5)

Gwalior, 15 March 2015: Yuvraj Singh inaugurated 8th Yuvraj Singh Center of Excellence (YSCE) at ITM University in Gwalior. He gave autographs to his fans and answered some genuine questions. 

It was always fun playing Glenn McGrath & Muttiah Muralitharan. Reason, in mind I was feared to play them, but now these bowlers have retired. These were the answers of all-rounder Yuvraj Singh during his visit to ITM University in Gwalior. He was at the university to open his cricket academy named Yuvraj Singh Center of Excellence (YSCE). After the inauguration he interacted with the students. He answered many questions in witty style. After winning many hearts with fours and sixes at the cricket ground Yuvi drew many applause from the audience during his introduction event with the kids.

Opening up his heart Yuvi said, “2011 semi final happened at my home ground. I got out at the score of zero and didn’t able to show my game to my citizens. I felt really sorry, although we won that match, but I didn’t able to sleep whole night!” Over 2015 World Cup he said Mahendra Singh Dhoni is successful captain. His strategy depraved report card of big many teams. He also said Team India is playing really well, because making place in last eight and four matches is not easy. Although he also appreciated Australia and New Zealand.

Answering one question Yuvi said, “Shoaib Akhtar is a fabulous bowler. Me and Ganguly played his 5 overs during a match in Karachi. Playing Shoaib at a speed of 150 kmph to 155 kmph is the fastest spell in my career.” Below are some of the questions & answers from the event –

1. You loved tennis then how you became a cricketer?

Yes I loved cricket, but I also use to play cricket. Many times my father saw me playing cricket. He only taught me the details. He was aware that I will become a good cricketer. On his words I became a cricketer.

2. Who is your favourite cricketer?

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has always been my favourite cricketer. Whenever I saw him playing, I always learned something from him.

3. A funny moment in the dressing room which you can never forget?

Once in the dressing room me and Sachin Tendulkar together did a mischief and pranked Sourav Ganguly. That moment I can never forget.

4. You did not get selected in the Indian Cricket Team, which punishment you would like to give to the selectors?

Nothing, I have blessings of many cricket lover and God’s grace. To get selected in the team or not does not depend on us.

5. I am a big fan of yours. From the childhood I have seen you playing cricket on TV. Today I am speechless seeing you in front of me. How are you feeling after not getting selected in the team for the World Cup?

Same what you are feeling right now while meeting me.

6. You have fought cancer. During that from whom you got inspired?

That moment was most dangerous for me. To inspire myself I read success stores and won the battle.

7. Would you teach cricket to girls?

Indian Women Cricket Team is doing wonders. Its also my wish to guide them.

Yuvraj honoured students of ITM Global School with certificate and medals. During the occasion MD of ITM University Dr. Daulat Singh Chauhan and Chairperson of ITM Global School Ruchi Singh were present along with many distinguished guests and staff.

For the record YSCE in collaboration with sports management company, Final Score India, gives young, budding cricketers the platform to follow and realize their dream of cricket. Through innovative training techniques, national and international exposure and focused, individual development, the Yuvraj Singh Centre of Excellence provides right mix to the youngsters to excel on the cricket pitch.

I feared McGrath & Muralitharan Yuvraj Singh, opens cricket academy in Gwalior (4)

I feared McGrath & Muralitharan Yuvraj Singh, opens cricket academy in Gwalior (3)

I feared McGrath & Muralitharan Yuvraj Singh, opens cricket academy in Gwalior (6)

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