I do politics with a bohemian nature: Prabhat Jha


I do politics with a bohemian nature Prabhat Jha  (2)

Member of Rajya Sabha and National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Prabhat Jha spoke with SouLSteer about the essence of politics

“We are committed to our work and whatever party instructs me, I do that. Shivraj has now become a hero for the masses and we do plan to make a hat-trick in MP”, says Member of Rajya Sabha and National Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Party Prabhat Jha. Talking about the acceptability of Narendra Modi, he said Modi is popular in a national canvas but in the state canvas Shivraj Singh Chouhan is popular.

Being a social worker by nature Jha left journalism and joined politics with a thought that journalism is also for the society. “My views are rational and BJP is a rationalist part. We interpret human integrity, so after Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh I merged with BJP”, adds Jha. In politics he consider principle as his role model, acknowledging Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar who was the founder of RSS told bhagwa dhwaj as his role model.

Speaking about the concern of youth in BJP Jha said, “Ultimately we want an energetic personality in the party i.e. youth. With energy we also want experience. Today in Indian politics commitment is in scarcity. To get the respect of the society, commitment is required for a respectful politics. Second thing is that now generation has entirely changed, and to tackle that generational change we have to encourage the youth along with the moral authority.” Jha further said serving for helpless makes my day. Sympathy for the human being is vital in field on politics. But there also some limitation beyond which he cannot proceed. Problem is that people assume social service as a job and from that service they expect an income. Only from self-service one can expect an income but not from social service.

Contradicting the fact that politics is treated as the dirty subject, Jha said, “It’s also a duty of the society to promote good people. If public consider politics as a dirty subject then Shivraj Singh wouldn’t have got such a good response in Jan Ashirwad Yatra. It’s all because if you work for the betterment of society people will response you and people will respect you”.

Extracting some knowledge about Jan Ashirwad Yatra Prabhat Jha explained “We have covered 2042km of journey, visited 62 assemblies, 66 stage assemblies, 324 rath assemblies, over 350 welcome assemblies and made direct contact with over 1 crore 10 lacs public. It has become a social political movement where Shivraj is not only a chief minister but a political hero. He launched many popular schemes from Mukhya Mantri Yuva Swarozgar Yojna Scheme to Gram Sadak Yojana which were never even speculated during the governance of Digvijay Singh”. From the Mahabharat times to the present day blaming is a basic character of politics and politicians. “I am in politics from past 30 years and I always say to people that respect politics and stop this blame game if there is no evidence. Every people all over the world respect India due to our spirituality and I condemn the allegations on Asaram Bapu as it’s a conspiracy of congress”.

“I work in politics with a bohemian nature and I work for a mission. I have two sons, one has started his petrol pump in Singrauli and the other is studying MBA from Bhopal. I never do a job to defaming other politicians. I do frankly and friendly politics”, he says. During his journalism times people use to know him conflicting facts against the government. “Due to my journalism nature, I am always straightforward with a fundamental nature which also comes as a loss for the party sometimes”, Jha adds.

Talking about the requirement for Gwalior, Jha said, “We want a collective leadership in Gwalior. For the growth of Gwalior whether it’s me or Jyotiraditya Scindia, there should be no politics on development even it’s a case of central or state government. I even wrote letter to Scindia in order to visit and have a meet with Shivraj Singh on the development for society. There should be a protest on ideology but not development”.

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