Heritage fest celebrated by Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya


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Scindia Kanya Vidyalya celebrated three-day heritage fest Dharohar-II highlighting the theme of The Great Maratha. It witnessed the participation of girls from major girls schools like Maharani Gyatri Devi School jaipur, Mayo College Girls, etc. Dharohar-II is an extension of previous year’s Dharohar-I heritage fest which was based on the theme of The Mughal. The three-day fest turned out to be a creative pool and vast learning playground for the students.

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As a part of Dharohar fest a workshop on how to tie the Royal Maratha Turban and turban sketching competition was organised at Jiwaji Rao Scindia Museum. The Royal Maratha Turban or commonly known as Shinde Shahi Pagadi derived from the word ‘Shinde’ which was a popular Maratha title and held great significance in Marathi world in those days.

The red turban with a gold chain called Toda hanging in front is made with 50 metre cloth. The thickness of Toda describes the position of the person in the royal family. The turban is tied on a wooden stand called Farma and then kept for drying for few days.

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These intricate details regarding the turban and the techniques to know the turban were given out by royal turban maker Mohammad Rafique during the workshop. He said, “In 18th century Ranaojirao Scindia started wearing this turban and since then it has become an essential part of royal outfit.” This workshop was followed by turban painting competition where the girls from different schools projected their skills and sketched turbans of different colors and patterns in the most vivid ways.

The festival also focused on Gwalior’s famous doll ‘Batobai’. This doll is made out of the scrap material like paper, clothes and cotton and has become a classic example of conserving environment and nurturing our creative ability. Under the guidance of heritage art preserver Naval Kishori, school girls made their own Batobais conveying the message of safeguard the environment.

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The fest concluded on a high note with the declaration of Dharohar-II award winner and prize distribution ceremony. Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya was declared as the winner of Dharohar-II and the winners were fecilitated. Principal of SKV Nishi Misra said, “Dharohar-II was organized with an aim to apprise the students with rich Maharashtrian culture and simultaneously we organised the competitions to give them firsthand experience in artistic and creative works.”

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