Try to be happy with yourself


Life is short. Try to understand yourself at a right time. Take risk. Find time to laugh, cry, learn etc. Lets not pass time and learn some few more thing…

  • Raise your voice for the things you believe in. Feel yourself lucky that you have one more chance to take another in right direction.
  • You are happy with yourself and you don’t need anyone else than its the best thing for yourself to be more happy. Try to be happy with yourself then you won’t have any complaint ever.
  • Your words are truth. But whatever you do is also a truth. So along with your words try to be attentive with your actions.
  • Success comes to those you face the failure. Don’t complain about your life. Enjoy every moment. Failure is not life. Its a small part of life.
Image Credit: Harris Hui

Dec 9, 2012 at 11:55am

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