Gwalior’s youth talks about fashion, style and Health


Gwalior’s youth talks about fashion, style and Health (9)

By: Nitin Konde

Fashion, style and health are the three words which driving the youth of not only Gwalior but the whole world crazy. From malls to fashion streets, from multiplex cinemas to single screen theater everywhere you look you will find youth defining fashion in their own way. The main reason for that is youth are quit open to adopt anything easily as they don’t have any boundaries in their mind and soul. Fashion, style and health are three aspects which attracts the youth a lot they follow their idols (mostly film actors and actress) and try to be like them in each and every way, like the way they dress, their hair style and their physique. Today’s youth has become very health conscious and that’s very good as healthy youth make a bright future of the country. When we talk about Gwalior’s youth and their opinion on fashion, style and health, youth of the city is very much attracted towards the subject and very much aware of latest trends in fashion and glamour world, we caught up with Mitendra meeth singh who is from Gwalior and he has been associated with the industry from past five years and has done national and international fashion shows, Aaditya Rathod who is a health freak youngster and from past three years he is being working out and the youth’s fashion and styling destination VLCC who is known for its perfection in the glamour world.

Fashion is defining style, dressing, looks and accessories: Mitendra meeth Singh

Mitendra meeth singh who is associated with fashion industry from past five years and walked on the fashion runway for many national and international designer like Adam Watling (youth designer from UK) says that fashion is the term use for defining dressing, style, looks and accessories, it just doesn’t mean that wearing jazzy or funky clothes and load yourself with heavy accessories. Fashion means what suits you and how you carry yourself, fashion is like a tempting delicacy if you over cook it then it will lose its flavour and if you under cook it then it will lose its value, so it got to have a proper balance, same with the fashion one need to dress up according to the occasion and the personality, if we say it in lay man language ‘one need to be simple but fashionable at the very same time’. 24 year old young model Mitendra meeth  Singh has completed his MBA from York University and currently working in UK for a well renowned fashion brand ZARA, he added that it is true that young people are quick to follow anything around the world which appears ‘hip’ or ‘in’. It is in their nature to want to be like young people in other parts of the world. They are quick to relate and to follow what they think is fashionable. By fashion, are included dress, taste in music, language and hairstyles? Except in the most traditional of societies, it is impossible to control the coming of fashion from other countries. With television, books and magazines bring so easily available, the world has shrunk and what is discovered as ‘fashion’ in one part of the world spreads like wildfire fashion everywhere else. Fashion changes in weeks so it’s very important for young people to stay updated on the latest style and trends of fashion and the best thing about fashion is that it can vary from person to person.

Initial stage of the career

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Mitendra meeth Singh

While talking to SouLSteer Mitendra meeth Singh went back into the memories when he started his career in modelling industry, he said that he started his career by doing lots of fashion shows in college and college fests, but that time he never thought that he going to pick up this field but then in the year 2008 he was selected Mr. Khalsa in Pillani oasis festival, around 80 colleges participated in this fest but it was he who stole the show after that he realised that this field has got a great future for him and then he never looked back young model was recently elected Mr Gwalior 2012. Mitendra will be participating in wills fashion week next month in Delhi at Pragati Maidan. He continues and said now days it’s very important to take care of skin as for models it’s a bread and butter and in our country most of the people has oily skin so it’s better to take out that extra oil either by bleaching it or by herbal way by applying cucumber juice. When we talk about hair styling he says that hair styling is the most important part of personality but young people don’t really understand it’s important as many times they tend to follow the hair style which their favourite actor or actress put up for specific role. They are least bothered weather it suits them or not, so it’s very important that they select the style which suits their personality like a person having broad face and dark complexion should have short spike hairs rather than having long hairs. Talking about the fashion of UK and India he says that both the countries have their own style of fashion one cannot compare the two as in UK people are more inclined towards jackets and western styling whereas in India people follow multi-trends in fashion and style Indians has large varieties of dressing like from traditional Indian clothing like Sherwanis, Kurtas etc. for men and lehgaas, sarees , suits etc. for women and then we have westernise clothing which include jeans, t-shirt, shirts, trousers and the list goes on, so we Indian should feel proud that our dressing style is highly appreciated by international designers. Any youngster who wants to pursue his or her career in modelling world has to work hard on their body, style, looks, appearance and skin as these are the core elements without which one cannot survive in the industry.

Tips from Mitendra meeth Singh

Young model gives fashion tips to youngsters of Gwalior which will help them in becoming more stylish, fashionable and trendy at the very same time.

  • Dress according to the occasion for weddings and family parties try to wear formals or traditional Indian outfits like Sherwanis, kurtas etc.
  • If one is wearing formal jacket and paint for a formal occasion then he has to make sure that his belt and shoes matches with each other like if one is wearing brown colour belt then should wear brown formal shoes.
  • If one is wearing traditional Indian dress then he should top it up with mojari  or kolhapuri chapels.
  • Since it’s a rainy season so one should avoid wearing long paints and they should try three-forth or shorts with trendy flip-flops.
  • Talking about hair styling gels one should use a nice quality gel and mix it with hair oil while applying on the hair this will provide a nice shine and texture to the hair.
  • One should drink lot of water as this is the best natural treatment for skin.
  • If one love wearing accessories like wrist band, beads etc. make sure that u don’t over wear them as that will make you look jazzier instead of trendy or stylish.

Fashion depends on personality: Aaditya Rathod

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Aaditya Rathod

A 24 year old Aaditya Rathod who has recently completed his bachelor in business administration from Australia and now he is running his own business of import and export in Gwalior city says that fashion depends on personality, each individual has their own personality, just that they need to realize what suits their personality if they realize this basic thing then definitely they going to make an impactful styling statement and they fill be followed by others. A young businessman is totally a health freak person and likes to spend his free time in Gym. He added that personality plays a very important role in fashion industry and to have a great personality one should eat well, look good and feel good from inside that’s his mantra to develop a good healthy personality. Aaditya has done few fashion shows in Australia and one of them is Latrobe fashion show. Young lad says when we talk about the youth of Gwalior especially male they are now more inclined towards body building, so that’s why they hit the Gym thinking that they will get in shape with in few months. This is mainly because most of the youth idolize film stars and try to be like them but they forget that hitting the gym is not the solution to have a perfect body, they need to follow a strict diet chart in order to get in shape. Most of the  Gwalior’s youth think that if they work hard in gym and eat more especially non-veg they going to have a body like the actors working in films, which is a very wrong concept every person has his own body shape and texture and they need to exercise accordingly, talking about the diet plan Aaditya said that if one is working out in gym to have perfect body then instead of taking meals three times a day he should divide that meal to six time a day and drink at least 3 to 4 litters of water every day. Youngsters should take their breakfast around 9 in the morning and it should have carbs, oats, honey, wheat bread and orange juice as it has lot of vitamin C avoid drinking cold drinks as it contains anti-oxidants.  11 o clock he should take another snack break in which he can have almonds or any other snacks which doesn’t have sugar and avoid fried stuff as it will accumulate fat in the body. Around 12 to 12.30 in afternoons it’s time for lunch and it should contain carbohydrates, little fat and good amount of protein and fibber (every egg white has 3 gram of protein). Around 3.30 one should take his second snack which should have protein and carbs and he can take this with having a sip of hot green tea. Now person all set to hit the gym but before going to gym one should have hot black coffee which will give him extra energy for the work out one should not exercise more than 1 to 1.15 hours as excess of exercise again increase fat in body once the workout is over person can relax and can have one banana or apple. As the clock strike 8.00 pm it’s the to have dinner which should be a combination of 70% salad and 30% of protein with no carbs non-veg people can go for chicken breast as it has highest amount of protein and veggies can opt for broccolis, curd, pasta, paneer or lentils water  as they all have good amount of protein. If a person follows this diet schedule he will literally see a change in his body and personality.

We bring your dreams into the reality: VLCC 

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VLCC Center Head, Deepali Saxena

VLCC (Vandana Luthra Care Center) located at city center Gwalior is one of the hot spot for fashion savvy  youth as its main motive is to bring their dreams of fashion and style into the reality. VLCC has huge varieties of skin treatment, hair treatment, regular saloon and spa etc. which are very popular among the youth. Care center is very famous for its weight loss programme as obesity or over weight is the major issue of concern among the youth and they want to get in shape as soon as they can. Center has a large list of programme for youth which not only make them more fashionable and trendy but also groom their personality. VLCC has a great ambiance which gives a very refreshing feeling and it also energize the body. The whole structure of the place is quite modernize and it has a western touch to it, talking about the staff of VLCC we can call them craftsmen as they are the people who actually craft the person and bring out the best in him, center has some of the best men from the industry to give best service to its customer. The center head Deepali Saxena said that our customers are of all categories from youth to adults, so we have to make sure that we give them best service so that they come to our center quite frequently. She added that VLCC never compromises on quality as that’s the soul and essence of our center. Talking about youth Deepali Saxena said that VLCC is quiet popular among the youth not only among girls but among boys as well. There is a very wrong concept among people that boys don’t need to go to parlor as it meant only for girls. She said that center has got varieties of program especially designed for boys and men.

Youngsters mostly come to the center as they want to style their hairs, skin or body according to town-B stars which they admire the most, especially girls most of the girls come to the center to get the size zero which is the most popular shape among the young girls and they can do anything to get that shape.

VLLC’s some treatments and programme which are very popular among youth:

For hairs

Gwalior’s youth talks about fashion, style and Health (2)Hair cut: – care centre provide customize haircut, Brazilian blow-dry, keratin and layer protein, rebounding and straightening all these provide nourishment to the hairs. Vanilla Keratin spa treatment, hair streaking and hair colouring this gives a soothing effect to the hairs. VLCC has a unique hair extension programme which increases the length of the hairs with in just 15 to 30 minutes.

For skin

Dermarolldr, eye-shine which makes the eyes look brighter, pumpkin pill organic treatment, mesobotos which removes the dark circle and its effect last for 6 to 8 months.

If people want their body to shine like a pearl in the ocean, then they should try VLCC’s body shine programme which make their body glow like a shining star in the milky-way.

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VLCC Sales Manager, Shazia Khan

Shazia Khan the sales manager of VLCC said that in today’s world you will see that youngsters are getting grey hairs, pigmentation, dry skin problems at the very early stage of their  life and this is because of pollution, stress, improper diet, high consumption of junk food and the most important that is inclination towards smoking and liquor. These are the root cause for such problems, youngsters need to understand that fashion and style doesn’t come by just wearing stylish expensive clothes or looking funky, fashion and style define the whole personality and for that one should really need to take care of his or her body, skin, hairs etc. to remove all these pigment, dryness and many more errors from the body VLCC has anti-pigmentation treatment, perfection white an international skin treatment. Very soon VLCC will be organizing an event on hair extension programme where well renowned international hair stylish will be putting up their show on hair extension.

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