Gwalior: Where to go? Dominos or Pizza Hut? We do some analysis!


Gwalior Where to go Dominos or Pizza Hut We do some analysis!

Gwalior, 24 December 2014: The question began when Pizza Hut delivery was inaugurated in Gwalior on 22nd of this month. From the pizza lovers we got queries about who is still the best. We held our stomach and went in the search of answer.

We went and ordered Super Veg from Pizza Hut with a Pepsi and Veg Extravaganza from Dominos along with a Coca-Cola. Pizza from Pizza Hut is soft as compared to Dominos. The base from Dominos is a bit firm on the teeth. But Coca-Cola is a better drink with a pizza rather than Pepsi. We also ordered Garlic Break Stix from Pizza Hut with which they don’t serve Cheesy Dip, which is offered by Domino’s.

Range: Pizza Hut cooks a variety of 23 Vegetarian Pizzas, 15 Non-vegetarian Pizzas, 2 Veg set combos, 2 Non-veg set combos and 1 mixed doubles set combo. Whereas, Domino’s offers 15 Vegetarian Pizzas, 14 Non-vegetarian Pizzas, 2 Veg set combos, 2 Non-veg set combos and 1 mixed doubles set combo.

Domino’s has a simplified menu and Pizza Hut has a menu about variety. Also, Domino’s serve pizzas in large sizes which serves 4 people, whereas Pizza Hut only serve pizzas in personal (serves 1) and medium sizes (serves 2).

In the cold drinks, Pizza Hut lets you have Pepsi, 7 Up and Fanta. Domino’s gives you Coke, Fanta and Sprite. In starters Pizza Hut have 8 items and Dominos have 10 items, both are counted including veg and non-veg variety. For deserts you get Rs. 69 Choco Truffle Cake, Rs. 69 Choco Mousse & Rs. 40 Choco chip lava cookie at Pizza Hut and Rs. 65 Butterscotch Mousse Cake & Rs. 70 Choco Lava Cake at Dominos.

Price range: Oh yes, Domino’s is cheaper. The basic Margherita veg pizza from Domino’s cost Rs. 85 regular, Rs. 220 medium and Rs. 395 large when in fact that same pizza will cost you Rs. 100 regular and Rs. 245 medium at Pizza Hut. Likewise, basic Chicken Salami Special non-veg pizza from Domino’s cost Rs. 155 regular, Rs. 310 medium and Rs. 495 large when in fact that same pizza will cost you Rs. 160 regular and Rs. 320 medium at Pizza Hut. Not much of a difference but a penny saved is a penny earned.

And when you want a four set combo pizzas then Pizza Hut and Dominos have same variety and same prices. Rs. 205 & Rs. 285 for veg set combos, Rs. 325 & Rs. 365 for non-veg set combos and Rs. 325 for veg+non-veg set combos.

Menu of Pizza Hut:

Menu of Domino’s:

Verdict: If you want a softer pizza reach Pizza Hut. If you want to save some rupees reach Domino’s. If you want have lots of variety of pizzas reach Pizza Hut and if you don’t have time to choose from the menu reach Domino’s. Reminding you, Coke is at Domino’s and Pepsi is at Pizza Hut.

Contact: In Gwalior Pizza Hut +91 751 3988398 and +91 751 3377330 and Domino’s can be reached at +91 751 2409400-07. Both competitors are about 100 meters from each other.

Address of Pizza Hut can be written as, Phool Bagh, Gurudwara gate, MLB Road, Near DD Mall, Gwalior. For Domino’s address goes as, ground floor, plot nos 31/1150, 31/1151 & 31/10973, Deen Dayal city road, MLB road, Gwalior. You can even download the apps of the respective brands.

Pizza Hut

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Domino's Pizza

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